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Duration (approx) 600 hours
Qualification Certificate

Business and Management Studies - Design your own course by choosing 6 appropriate modules.

If you can't quite find the certificate course to suit your requirements, then why not create your own course with help from one of our expert business and management tutors?
  • Create your own qualification, tailored to you and your goals.
  • A unique opportunity for professional training in the areas of business and management in which you need to develop your skills and abilities further.
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Business and Management Studies - Self-Design Certificate 

If you cannot quite find the course you are looking for, then why not consider designing your own certificate? 

Being different makes a huge difference in business

Mainstream courses lead to mainstream thinking - which is OK for an "average" career; but if you want to start a business that is different; cutting edge, and has the potential to find a niche that no one else has found -
  • You need an education that gets you thinking differently; and training that is outside of the mainstream.

The Self-Design Certificate in Business and Management Studies

The Self-Design Certificate in Business and Management Studies must contain SIX 100 hour modules.

You can choose any six modules from the 100 hour courses available, as long as the combination makes sense and is approved by one of the school's academic staff.

To enrol in a self-designed certificate, you must first determine at the subjects you will take.

This is usually done by contacting the school and discussing this with an academic staff member (by email, letter or phone).

Choose any combination of Business and Management modules from this selection.

You may even include one or two modules from outside of this topic list provided that they are relevant to the broad area of study, or can be readily justified as relevant to your particular situation.

Once your subjects have been determined and approved, you will be issued with a unique Course Code. Supply this code, the course title and the name of the tutor (or staff member) who approved the course when you enrol.

Be a Business Developer

Business developers tend to be involved in marketing, sales and strategic analysis of business and organisations. They will be involved in creating marketing strategies, developing new products and services and negotiating and closing deals.

The job of business developer is mainly to find new business opportunities for an organisation. This can mean new markets, new ways to reach existing markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new goods or services. AND then find ways to exploit those opportunities to bring in more money to the business.

Some businesses have their own business developer whilst in other firms the sales and marketing managers are involved in business development.

The tasks involved and how complex and varied they are will vary from firm to firm, industry to industry but generally involve:

  • Finding new business opportunities.
  • Keeping up to date with what is happening in the industry.
  • Keeping up to date on what your competitors are doing.
  • Being up to date on new products, services, special offers, marketing strategies, pricing and so on.
  • Being very clear on your company’s business strategy.
  • Understanding the market and how it changes.
  • Thinking creatively about everything about the company.
  • Prioritising business opportunities to find the best one to proceed with to increase revenue.
  • Negotiating with other organisations.
  • Selling and marketing.


Working in business development can be a rewarding and demanding job. It can also improve your own chances of running your own successful business or as a way to gain more experience of business strategy work.

Business development as a job is increasing because the world is becoming more and more global. As the internet expands the opportunities for businesses to liaise with each other and form partnerships increases. Business developers can build on this potential and work with new partnerships, businesses, goods and services.

Risks and Challenges

In times of recession, business developers can find themselves in a very tight market, where the opportunities are not there. In times of boom, then there are more and more opportunities. A good business developer will be able to gain new business in any market.

How to become a Business Developer

This course could be an ideal starting point!

It is important to have good research skills and be able to analyse what you have read or heard and consider how you can use it to improve the business you work for. You will need excellent analytical skills, as well as good people skills and communication skills.

You may be required to have a relevant background. For example, if you are going to work in a software company, you may be required to have experience in software development or programming. So a course and experience in the particular area you wish to work in is important.

Courses in people skills and communication are also important, as is knowledge of business studies, marketing, selling and operations.

How to Enrol

Please remember to discuss your course choices with a tutor before submitting your enrolment. This is important as it ensures you are making the right choices to suit your requirements.

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Meet some of our academics

David CrothersChartered Accountant with 20 years experience in corporate and financial roles. David has a FCA, GAICD, B.Sc.Econ (Hons), Cert IV TAA. Extensive international experience in business and finance.
Jacinda ColeJacinda has expertise in psychology and horticulture. She holds a BSc (hons) in Psychology and a Masters in Psychology (Clinical) and also trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the London Centre for Psychotherapy. In horticulture she has a Certificate in Garden Design and ran her own landscaping and garden design business for a number of years. Jacinda also has many years experience in course development and educational writing.

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