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Duration (approx) 600 hours
Qualification Certificate
Biochemistry Helps us Learn to Understand all Living Things

Chemistry involves study of elements that make up the physical world, and how they interact with each other.
Organic chemistry is the study of chemical compounds containing carbon.
“Bio” means “alive”, therefore biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of biological organisms and how organic chemical compounds react within living cells. In other words, biochemistry is about understanding the chemical reactions that make, break, run and repair our bodies and the components that make it up. Biochemistry’s goal is to understand the chemical basis of biological phenomena.
Biochemistry has its roots in medicine, nutrition, agriculture, and natural products chemistry. It covers many other areas as well, but today it is mostly is concerned with the chemistry of molecules found in and associated with living systems, especially the chemistry of these molecules. Biochemists are always trying to break processes down in order to understand how these work, how molecules are created or destroyed and how they relate and affect each other. With the advent of all the modern equipment and computer systems many biochemists also study intact systems and how each system functions and the other structures or processes that may be affected.

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Biochemistry Certificate course

Understand more about the biology and chemistry of living things.
The course is of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about animal and plant biochemistry.
It will benefit: 
  • Anyone working in Horticulture, Agriculture, Health or Environmental industries.
  • Technicians, educators, students -who need to improve their understanding of biochemistry and applications for biochemistry in commerce.  


Course Content 

There are six modules in the course.
The three core modules are compulsory. They are Biochemistry I (Plants), Biochemistry II (Plant and Animal Processes) and Biochemistry III (Plants).
You then choose the three remaining modules from a list of electives which include -  Human Biology IA, Botany II, Hydroponics II, Medicinal Herbs, Therapeutic Nutrition, Biochemistry III (Animal), Plant Ecology, Psychopharmacology, Sports Nutrition and Statistics.
To pass the course, you must complete all assignments and six examinations. There is an assignment at the end of each lesson. So for example, Biochemistry I (Plants) has nine lessons, so there would be nine assignments and an exam. The exams can be taken at a time and location to suit you.
Please click on the links to find more information about each module.
You are required to choose three elective modules from the list given below -

Human Biology 1A

Botany II


Medicinal Herbs

Plant Ecology

Sports Nutrition

  • Study flexibly in your own home with support from our excellent tutors.
  • This course will give you a detailed knowledge and understanding of biochemistry.

Biochemistry Opportunities in and out of the Laboratory

Biochemistry today is applied in so many different parts of our daily life; and everywhere that it is applied, you need people who understand it, to work with it.
You don't need a university degree, nor do you need to be a top level scientist to be working with and applying biochemistry in your day to day work.

Biochemical knowledge and testing is used to control the quality of food, the safety of work environments and public places, the health of individuals, livestock and pets; and much more.

This course will provide a foundation that can help your career or business products, and make you a more useful employee in workplaces as varied as farms, hospitals, food processors, laboratories, plant nurseries and veterinary practices.
It can be a starting point for learning about biochemistry and a stepping stone to higher qualifications; or a foundation for jobs as diverse as laboratory assistant, or science entrepreneur.







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Bob James (Environmental)Bob has a unique set of qualifications and experience having worked in applied biological and environmental sciences for more than 50 years. He holds a string of tertiary qualifications in animal, plant and environmental sciences; including a Masters Degree in Environmental Science. He has worked as a tutor with ACS since 1995. Bob has worked as a teacher, research scientist and consultant for both government and private enterprise undertaking jobs ranging from environmental surveys to waste disposal.
Marie Beerman B.Sc.,M.Hort.Marie has been involved in horticulture since 2003. She completed a Masters degree in Horticulture at Hannover University in Germany in 2007, and has worked with ACS since 2011 She has co-authored of several ebooks including one on Roses and has a very sound knowledge and experience with horticultural science and research ranging from plant taxonomy and plant breeding to pest, disease and soil management.,

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