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Post Graduate Certificate & Diplomas

ACS is not a university nor are we a traditional vocational college, rather we fit somewhere between the two. Our courses traditionally offer experiential learning to our students with a focus on developing problem solving, independendance, developing research ability and of course the development of a sound foundation in their discipline.

Over the past 32 years we have found that our students come from all walks of life, from school students to those with PhDs from highly reputable univeristies. Why, because we offer them a chance to gain practical skills that are directly relevant to their educational needs. Students come to us to gain what traditional learning institutions have not been able to offer them. They have found that we can offer them an education that is balanced between the theoretical and the practical.

ACS offers Post Graduate Certificates and Diplomas that do not replace the traditional university awards, but exist to allow students to further develop practical understanding of their discipline while at the same time persuing a line of inquiry by research.

ACS Distance Education (UK) can offer unique study programs leading to these qualifications in any of the disciplines offered through the school.


Applicants must have -

a/ A minimum of 3,000 hours (class contact equivalent) of post secondary studies in a credible institution (ie. recognised by IARC, UNESCO or an equivalent international body. Most major universities are acceptable.)

b/ A bachelors degree, a significant diploma, or equivalent.

c/ At least 1 year of relevant work experience following their undergraduate studies.

Course Requirements

For a Graduate Certificate - Five subjects (at level 2 or higher) -typically one of these will be Research Project IV. These may be taken from those listed under the 'course' category on this website ( A level 2 or higher module is indicated by the course code. Courses whose code consists of numbers in the 200 or 300+ are acceptable.

Research Project IV BGN301 is designed to develop skills thesis preparation and writing.

For a Graduate Diploma -Grad Certificate plus a Dissertation (BHT330), plus one additional module at level 3 or higher.

As above modules may be selected from the those with a course code ending in 200 or 300+.

Student are required to produce and present a 10,000 – 15,000 word Dissertation (BHT330) as part of the Diploma.

How to Proceed

Contact the school by emailing and negotiate an appropriate course structure for approval by an academic officer.