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Featured Course and Ebook

Featured Course: Child Psychology

What are the key influences on a child's behaviour and attitudes? How can parents, teachers, and child care workers provide the kind of environment that nurtures children's emotional, cognitive and moral development?

Learn how children develop psychologically as they grow, and what factors (such as learning, parenting styles, reinforcement, and genetic makeup) influence their behaviour and thinking. Anyone who lives or works with children will gain valuable insights into child behaviour. Students of counselling or psychology will be better prepared to understand childhood influences on later adult behaviour.

To read the full course outline, or to enrol, please click here.

Featured Ebook: How Children Think

How do children think?

Children are on a constant path of development from conception to adulthood (and beyond). Understanding children from a psychological perspective can be of great assistance to adults, in order to help them support the children in their lives to develop into highly functioning adults – whether their own children, or in a professional or social environment.

To read the full outline, download a free sample, or to purchase, please click here.

Towergate Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance for ACS Graduates

Towergate Insurance welcomes Professional Liability Insurance applications from ACS graduates across all disciplines. Click here for more details.

Student Testimonial

Student Feedback

Student Name: Janie Carter

Course Name: Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

Tutors Name/s: Jade Sciascia

Is your work being marked satisfactorily? Yes!

Do you find the course to be a valuable learning experience? Why?
I am finding it really great. I love the way the lessons are structured, the quizzes and assignments. I do a lot of external research around each topic and I think the assignments have been good learning tools.

Overall comments you may wish to make:

I am really happy so far.

If you would like to read a course outline for the Certificate in Nutritional Counselling, please click here.

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