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NEW Course: Dog Psychology and Training

We are excited to annouce the release of a brand new course: Dog Psychology and Training.

Dog Psychology and Training is a fantastic introduction to understanding the
dog's mind and how to apply that knowledge to basic training. Written by dog care experts and veterinarians, this course takes you through a brief history of canine evolution to
understanding the vital roles which dogs play today.

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Do you wish you could understand your dog? Do you realise the importance of what your dog is trying to communicate with you?

Understanding the dog's mind is the first step in responsible dog ownership. Whether you work with canines in a professional setting or whether you simply aim to be a confident and capable dog owner, this course will introduce you to concepts of dog psychology and help you to put training principles to effective use.

Dogs need discipline, affection and exercise. Learn more and you will be able to improve your relationship with your dog and create a happy, well balanced pet who demonstrates
obedience and respect for you and your family. Click here to read the full course outline or to enrol.

Featured E Book - Nutritional Therapy

Featured E book - Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is a potent component in human health, and can be a valuable contributor toward improving recovery from injury or illness. As such, nutrition can be used therapeutically to support recovery from a range of health issues.

Studies have shown how good nutrition promotes a healthy immune system preventing infections, aids tissue growth and replacement and supports the healthy functioning of organs such as the heart and pancreas. Conversely, inadequate intakes of nutrients, or depleted levels of nutrients in the body puts a person at risk of malnutrition. This in turn is associated with problems such as reduced immunity, poor wound healing and weakened response to recovery from disease or surgery - problems that increase the length of hospital admissions and duration/prognosis of a disease or illness and can also increase the risk of mortality.

The contribution of nutrition to recovery must be put into perspective though. The human body is complex; and there are many different factors that can affect our wellbeing. These include mental health, physical health, genetic predisposition, age, previous injury, environmental influences and daily activity; as well as what you eat. Click here to download a sample or to purchase the ebook.

Student Testimonial

Student Feedback:
Student: Pandora Canton, Belize
Course Name: RHS Certificate 2 - Plant Growth, Propagation & Development
Tutor's Name: Maggi Brown
Do you find the course to be a valuable learning experience? Why? Why not? I find the course to be an extremely valuable learning experience. I have been in the horticulture/landscaping business for over twenty years, with no formal background just trial and error and referring to various books on plants/propagation etc., but this course has made me realize how little I knew. I look at plants completely different now and my respect and appreciation for them has increased enormously! Each lesson and assignment is a challenge I enjoy immensely. I am grateful for the well structured lessons with explicit details on each topic, enabling me to achieve a clearer understanding of plant physiology.
Overall comments you may wish to make: Completely satisfied!

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