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New Courses Available Online and on CD

Advanced Freelance Writing
This course develops and sharpens your writing skills largely through interaction with a professional, published writer, who becomes your tutor and mentor.
In addition, you will read about different writing techniques, you will conduct research and interviews, and plan projects.
Freelance writing is a highly competitive field. Successful freelance writers not only have good writing skills, they have a ‘nose’ for a good story, a mastery of their chosen area of writing, the ability to write quickly and succinctly, good interpersonal skills, and a wide range of useful contacts.


Learn From the Experts. John Mason, ACS principal and author of 45 books.

Most Popular Course

Garden Design Certificate is currently our most popular course!

Courses Revised

Sheep: Improve production by increasing your knowledge and skills. This course examines selection and breeding of sheep, improving nutrition, sheep health, management of the commercial flock, wool, lamb and much more.

Poultry: This course covers terminology and breeds, poultry nutrition, diseases,layers, broilers, incubation, brooding, record keeping, economics and marketing.

Human Biology IA: Acquire and deepen your knowledge in Human Anatomy and Physiology. This course provides you with the knowledge base for a career in Human Health and Wellbeing. You will understand what is a human body, how it works and which factors determine health.

Berry Production: Expanded and revised. Coming soon online.

Animal Anatomy & Physiology (Animal Husbandry) has been expanded and revised.

Is Your Career Sustainable?

The UK recently announced 25% cuts in government spending. As a result, government employees who thought they had a secure, lifelong public service career are all of a sudden out of work.
Experts in the USA are saying that there is risk of a "double dip recession", in what is 25% of the entire world economy Private Colleges across Australia and the UK who have invested too heavily in export education are in trouble. Many are shrinking services or going out of business.
We at ACS however grew by over 20% last year. Why? Because we plan 5 to 10 years in advance, and we don't take unmanageable risks.
Our approach has made our school not only sustainable, but buoyant - when others are failing.
What does this mean?
-Our students have greater security in their studies, knowing that the college is not going to close down because of changes in politics or work economics.
-If you want to have a sustainable career; you need to plan for the long term; don't take too many risks and don't over extend yourself.
Maybe it's time to take control of your own career; whether that be by starting your own business, or developing a broader scope of skills, so that you are able to work across a broader range of jobs. When one opportunity disappears, be prepared to move elsewhere.

Student Testimonial

Message from one of our students to ACS Principal John Mason on Facebook (student gave permission to publish):
S Bampton, (Certificate in Horticulture (Landscaping and Garden Design)
"... John, your horticulture correspondence course under the tutorage of Paul Plant changed the course of my life, I found my passion and I thank you for that!!!"

Visit this ex-student's site at

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