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ACS Tutor Profile

Alison Pearce - PG Cert Ed (Primary), M.Ecotourism, PGCert Ed., BSc (Hon) Animal Science

ACS is excited to welcome former ACS student Alison Pearce to our staff.
Alison brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ACS Agriculture, Wildlife and Ecotourism students.
She has worked as a University Lecturer, a Quality Assurance Manager, a Research Technician, and has also run a veterinary operating theatre; responsible for animal anaesthesia, instrument preparation, and assistance with surgical techniques and procedures.
She has extensive experience of handling, husbandry, and management of a wide range of both small and large animals.

Alison has worked with a large range of both small and large animals.

Student Profile

Janna Schreier, RHS Cert II in Horticulture
"I finished my two years of study with ACS six weeks ago and I can actually say I am missing it! Despite working remotely, I formed an excellent relationship with my tutor, Adriana Fraser - who provided me with clear, helpful, detailed, and even humorous feedback, and was happy to answer any questions I had. It really was the best of both worlds - one on one tuition with the flexibility to fit my studies around other activities. I took six Royal Horticultural Society exams following the courses and passed all of them first time (I even got commendations), which goes to show how thorough the teaching is. I would highly recommend ACS to anyone wanting to study horticulture, particularly if you are looking for flexibility and/or are located in a remote area. The lessons are totally self-explanatory and broken down into manageable chunks so that you gain a sense of achievement as you tick off each assignment. I have learnt so much in two years and with this I have had the confidence to set up my own business. I just love my new career as a garden designer. The small amount I paid for the courses is probably the best value for money I have ever had. They have already paid for themselves and I get so much satisfaction doing something that I love everyday. A huge thank you to Adriana."

Janna has started her own garden design business and already has accepted a number of significant commissions

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