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Trends For 2011

    The world is changing! Are you prepared?
    What do you need: to get a job; advance in your job; keep your job?
    Employers/Customers are looking for something different.... You need to be trained to think outside the square.
    - Networking is critical; who you know can be as important as what you know.
    - Learning is more important than ever, Qualifications are less important; Do not confuse learning with acquiring knowledge though.
    - Employers/Customers are looking for people who communicate well, who are lateral and strategic thinkers and who can solve problems.
    Our courses recognise these factors.

Pet Care course EXPANDED

Pet Care has been EXPANDED to include Dog and Cat Grooming.

This course provides an outstanding opportunity to extend your knowledge, perspective and capacity to care for all types of pet. The course provides a sound introduction to caring for a wide variety of different pets, covering dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles and amphibians. This course is a must for any animal lover, especially those wishing to work with domestic animals or in the pet care industry.

NEW Course: Anger Management

The new Anger Management course is available now. Enrol and learn to understand anger and explore techniques that can be useful in the management of anger.

Study at home and:
- Learn about what causes anger to develop
- Learn ways or reducing or controlling anger
- Expand your skills as a parent, teacher, manager, counsellor, coach or in any other capacity where anger can become an issue

What Our Students Say About Us

Gabriella Bozzini, Australia - Permaculture Systems course
"[The course] is helping me organise what I already knew and to connect the dots with the new principles I'm learning. I am thrilled to have found your program. I am a working single mother who never had the time to study Permaculture but now I can do it at my own pace and feel a great sense of achievement and personal satisfaction. Thank you."

Jessica Dennis, Australia - Animal Health Care course
"The Animal Health Care course was fantastic. I have definitely developed an understanding into the health problems that animals can endure and the best ways to care for animals and ensure their living conditions are up to standard. This course also gives you an insight into animal body language which I found very interesting. The assignments were all marked promptly with very encouraging and constructive comments. Thanks."

Dyane Haubus, Australia - Animal Health Care course
"I have learnt an amazing amount since studying for my course. I have found the course to be a great deal of help with trying to get into the animal industry. I've also found my tutors comments of great help - would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the animal industry or for anyone wanting to learn more about our furry friends."

Click here to view more comments from ACS Students and graduates.

NEW Electronic Course Handbook

Click here to download your copy of the NEW electronic version of the 2011/2013 ACS Course Handbook (Size 3M). You can print or browse over 400 courses ranging from hobby to diploma level.


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