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Brand New Ebook! Water Gardening
Water adds something very special to any garden. It is a feature like no other that can bring movement, sound and sparkling light into the garden, as well as giving a refreshing sense of coolness, and attracting wildlife. Water gardens come in many different forms, and are capable of lifting any size garden into a new dimension.

This book is designed to inspire and educate by presenting you with a wide range of possibilities, and at the same time, raising your awareness and understanding of how water can be used in any size garden to add interest, coolness and life. With 130 colour photos and 108 pages, it is a must read.

To download a free sample, to read the outline, or to buy this beautiful ebook, click here.



Christmas and New Year Break

ACS will close at 4:30pm on Friday 20th December 2013 and re-open on Monday 6th January 2014. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.



New Courses Coming Soon!

Climate Science
Learn to explain the various factors that cause weather conditions. Over seven lessons, the following is covered: Nature and Scope of Climatology, Weather Science Foundations, Climate Classifications and Patterns, Atmospheric Dynamics, Climate Changes, Climate Science Applications and Special Problem Based Learning Project.

Animal Grooming
Animals come in all shapes and size, colours and textures. Some have long or short fur while others have scales or feathers. This variation serves different functions for animals and can be aesthetically pleasing; however these variations mean humans have to conduct a variety of grooming tasks in order to maintain the animals in their care.



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