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  • Christmas and New Year Break
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Christmas and New Year Break

Christmas and New Year Break

ACS will close at 4:30pm on Friday 21st December 2012 and reopen on Monday 7th January 2013. We will have a small number of staff on over this time, but turnaround of assignments may be slower.

We have had an exciting 2012, welcoming many more ACS students, watching our affiliation network continuing to thrive, and many more new courses and ebooks developed.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

NEW Poultry Ebook

Brand New Ebook!

We are excited to announce the release of our latest ebook - Poultry.

Poultry are entertaining as pets and life sustaining as a commercial product! Whether you are seeking a book as a beginner poultry keeper or if you are embarking on a new career in poultry production or management, this book is for you. Easy to read, easy to understand and packed with easy to implement practical advice. Know how to care for the health and wellbeing of poultry and make production a commercially viable enterprise.

To download a sample of this ebook, or to buy that special and unusual Christmas present, click here.

NEW Course Internet Marketing

We are please to announce the release of a new course - Internet Marketing

This course covers social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, selling techniques using Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress and Pinterest.

Learn about keywords, marketing psychology, blogs, writing effective advertisements and more.

Learning to use the internet can really add to the success of a business! Today's marketplace is global so you need to know how to tailor your advertising for different markets.

To read the full course outline, or to enrol, please click here.

Introducing a New Tutor - Barbara Seguel

New tutor, Barbara Seguel.
Barbara has a Masters Degree of Aquaculture Engineering and an Academic Degree of Bachelor of Marine Science. Barbara has worked in the tourism industry where she has experienced guiding and swimming with wild dolphins, whale watching, diving, sailing and surf instructing, as well as hospitality. She has also assisted with the production management in a sustainable fishery. She has collaborated on the recovery and restoration of sea urchins, as well as in fish, invertebrate and microalgae hatchery and farming in National Parks. Her work and studies are relevant to various parts of the world such as Chile, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Above all this, she has always had a profound passion for the Ocean, environment, animals and wildlife.

To see our full list of tutor profiles, please click here.

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