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New Herb Ebook Just Released

The Herbs ebook by John Mason is now ready for purchase! Click here to view, read the sample, or buy.

Herbs have a history almost as old as man himself. Used as much for medicines and foods as for their colours and scents, herbs have a practical charm unmatched in the world of plants.

This colourful ebook covers cultivating, propagating, pests and diseases, a herbs encyclopaedia, using herbs, furniture and features, growing herbs in pots, and more.
Learn from an author with decades of horticultural experience.


Mobile - Friendly Site Just Released!

ACS is proud to have released its brand new site created for those who surf the web using mobile phones and other small screen devices. This new site will allow you to scroll down to see over 500 courses. Courses listed are then linked back to full descriptions and enrolment details on our main web sites. Great for getting a quick overview of what we offer. Click here to visit!

Take Control of Your Career

Are you sick of not having control over your career?

Maybe it's time to think about starting your own business. This doesn't suit everyone; but with job opportunities shrinking in many industries, it may be worth taking a closer look at your options.

We can help in three ways:
1. Read this ebook: "Starting a Business" (click to view)
2. Get advice from a professional - click here to receive free professional advice about your career!
3. Enrol in one of these courses - see below the best 10 courses for someone wanting to start their own business:
Starting a Small Business
Professional Practice for Consultants
Nursery Growers Course
Certificate in Garden Design
Certificate in Web Site Development
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Event Management
Aquaponic Production

Most Popular Courses This Week

Amenity Horticulture I
Alternative Energy
Bookkeeping I
Certificate In Wildlife Management
Certificate in Zoo Keeping

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