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New Ebook! Tropical Landscaping

There could hardly be anything more idyllic than to be in a tropical garden, relaxing, reading a book, or enjoying a cool drink with friends. Some tropical gardens are wonderful to look at, with their bright foliage and flower colors and unique contrasts in shape and form.
A well-developed tropical garden must surely be the closest place to heaven!
Learn how you can have your own slice of tropical paradise. Author John Mason draws on decades of experience to show you how it's done.

Click here to download a sample, or to purchase this beautiful ebook.

Course News - More Courses Now Online

The following 100 hour courses are now available to be studied online:

Nut Production

Garden History

Turf Repair and Renovation

Click on each link to read the full course outline.

NEW Herpetology Course!

Do you have a love for our scaled friends? Would you like to know how a frog can live a double life? Find out more with our new course in Herpetology! Develop an ability to understand the biological and ecological characteristics of reptiles and amphibians as well as relevant conservation issues. Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. The term is derived from Linneas's classification in which he combined reptiles and amphibians into the one category. Herpetology examines the biology and ecology of these animals and their importance at a global scale. Herpetology as a scientific study and as a hobby can have positive impacts on the conservation of threatened reptile and amphibian species. Click here to read more about what this amazing new course covers!

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Excerpt from New Freelance Writing Ebook


The biggest problem for professional writers in today's world is often "change." The world is changing fast; places that you can sell or use writing skills are changing fast too.

The type and style of writing required can differ from one situation to another. A writer who can change and adapt their style according to demand is more capable of getting work in the short term and sustaining a career in the long term.

Market Change
The one thing that does not change is that people will always communicate through...
Click here to read the full extract!

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