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John Mason - How Your "Type" Should Study


By understanding yourself, and how you best learn; you can make the most effective decisions about how you should study.
* Beware of mismatching yourself with the wrong school, course, teachers
* Choose to study where you can find flexibility and adaptability. If your course and school allows you the flexability to largely modify your approach to learning; you will then have more chance of matching your learning experience to the style that suits you best.

One Size Never Suits All!
Well established research has shown that different people learn in different ways. Work by Carl Jung (1923) followed by Isabel Briggs Myer, developed ways of classifying people into different types. Others including Kolb, Honey, Mumford and McCarthy (1970's) further developed ideas about how different types of people learn in different ways.
We know for a fact that it is difficult, if not impossible, to provide the optimal learning opportunity to all participants of a class, when they are being taught as a group.
Kolb identified that there are two very different activities involved in the learning process:
* Perception
* Processing
Kolb suggested that different people perceive things in different ways. Some are better to feel, hear, see, smell or touch something and others are better to perceive something in a more abstract way through mental or visual conceptualisation.
Once something is perceived it needs to be processed, and again, different people prefer to process it different ways (e.g. some by application, or doing something tangible with the information; others by thinking about it). Read the full article! Click here.

New Certificate Coming Soon!

New Certificate Coming Soon

We received many expressions of interest about our Certificate in Small Acreage Farming (Livestock), which is now available. Another certificate will soon be released, and expressions of interest are invited again:

Certificate in Rehabilitation (General) VRE026

Life Coaching
Therapeutic nutrition
Counselling skills
Stress Management


Managing mental health in adults
Fitness Risk Management
Horticultural therapy
Resistance and Gym supervision
Health and Fitness I
Personal Energy Management

If you would like to be notified when we have released this new course, please email

New Ebook - Management

New Ebook - Management

Management is the process of planning, organising, leading, and controlling an organisation’s human and other resources to achieve business goals. More importantly though, effective management needs to be a process of human interaction and compassion. Most bad managers don’t know they are bad. They may well admit that they are a bit erratic, or they are sometimes late to appointments, but it is rare that they will recognise that they are ineffective as managers. Never here. This book has something to offer even the best of managers.

To read a sample, or to purchase, please click here.

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