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Newsletter January 2009

Contents of this Newsletter

1. New Horticulture Newsletter
2. Survive the Recession – Talk to Us!
3. New Books in the Bookshop
4. Check out the Latest and Greatest Courses
5. New Affiliate
6. Courses Revised and Expanded
7. New Courses – Your Opinion Please?
8. Feature Book – Especially for those studying Health and Nutrition courses: Prescription For Nutritional Healing



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Time to Up Skill

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New and exciting titles have arrived!
Visit our bookshop to order:

Photography – Tom Ang
Written by Tom Ang, one of the UK's most respected authors and photographers, you will learn:
  • How to take great pictures, including practical advice on cameras and techniques, choosing subjects, composition, manipulation and more.
  • A unique visual guide, covering every aspect of film-based and digital photography.
  • Be inspired by the masters with features on influential photographers from Ansel Adams to Anne Leibovitz, Robert Capa to Bill Brandt.
  • Discover the story of photography, including essential insights into the key developments and innovations in photography from its "garden-shed" origins to hi-tech modern techniques.

Digital Photography Masterclass
Digital Photography Masterclass – Tom Ang
Join Tom Ang's masterclass for a one-on-one guide to every aspect of digital photography: improve your skills, develop your photographic eye, and learn how to digitally enhance and manipulate your pictures.
With his clear tutorials, practical assignments, step-by-step projects and inspirational examples of the photographers craft, Tom shows you how to make the most of the creative freedom that digital photography offers.
Domestic Animal Behaviour
Domestic Animal Behaviour – Katherine A. Houpt
A revised, updated edition for veterinarians, animal scientists, or students covering advances in communication, perception, cognition and clinical behaviour. Of particular importance are advances in the use of psychotropic drugs and the role of underlying disease in some behaviour problems.
Genetics Demystified
Genetics Demystified – Willet
Now anyone with an interest in genetics can master it – without med school classes, Nobel prize intelligence or unlimited time. In genetics Demystified, award-winning science writer Edward Willett provides an effective and painless way to learn or review genetics, from Mendel's first experiments with pea plants through to today's controversies over cloning.
Development and Management of Visitor Attractions
The Development and Management of Visitor Attractions (Second Edition) – Swarbrooke
A full range of over twenty international case studies drawn from twelve countries including theme parks in the USA, Legoland in Denmark, Nightclubs in Ibiza, and the attractions in Brazil and South America.
Updated statistics and examples.
Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Construction – Halliday
Sustainable development has suffered from an image problem. For a long time it was seen by many as a restraint on development and only recently has it been recognised as a justified restraint on inappropriate development.

4. Focus on Some Best Selling Courses

See what some of the ACS courses look like:

Mud Brick Construction

Botany II – Applied Plant Physiology

Biochemistry II

Psychopharmacology (Drugs and Psychology)

5. New Affiliate College in France

Garden Design Academy

A new affiliate has joined the ranks of ACS Global Partners: The Garden Design Academy offers courses in Garden Design, Landscaping, Gardening and Horticulture. Located in the centre of France, the Garden Design Academy provides residential, postal and internet-based study in garden design and CAD technologies.

Visit their website:

We are actively recruiting new affiliates. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, we invite you to read through our information page for potential affiliates:



Get more for your money!

Over the past few months, our staff have added tens of thousands of words to our courses. All of the following have had course notes significantly expanded – click on a course name to see its outline:

Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment (now online)
Self Sufficiency I
Poultry - Rooster
Fruit Trees
Fruit Production (Temperate Climate)
Grief Counselling
Grief Counselling


We're going to develop up to six new courses over the next year. If enough people are keen on a course, we will schedule it for development. The following courses have been listed as possibilities for development.

Let us know what courses you are interested in enrolling in. Tick the courses on the form below;
fax to 07 55621099; copy and paste this table into your email; or just email your preferences to

Course Title


Course Title


Criminal Psychology
Anger Management
Learning Difficulties
Advanced Life Coach


Health Spa Management
Nutrition for Weight Loss
Child Obesity
Aged Care
Immunology or Human Disease


Forensic Testing (Introduction)
Legal Secretary
Financial Investment
Stock Control/Managing Supply
Business Restructuring
Tourism Attraction Management
Bookkeeping Level 3 (ICB)


Deciduous Trees
Timber Production/Forestry
Park Design
Viticulture II
Horticulture & Sustainability
- Horticultural Scientific Advancements
- Garden History
- Managing Historic & Notable Gardens


Computer Networking
Web Site Optimisation
Computer Security
Computer Aided Design


Climate Impact Minimisation
Freshwater Biology/Ecology


Graphic Art/Design
ESL Basic Course
Script writing (Video,Film,TV)
News Journalism
Legal Terminology


Animal Training
Dog Training
Animal Natural Therapies
Aquarium Management


Advertising Photography
Wedding Photography
Portrait Photography


Microbiology (Introduction)
Laboratory Work – Introductory


Interior Design




Your feedback will be collated and we'll endeavour to prioritise development of the most popular courses.

8. FEATURE BOOK – Especially for those studying Health and Nutrition courses

Nutritional Healing

Prescription For Nutritional Healing

We can't believe the price of this book!

A practical A-Z reference to drug free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements.


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