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Congratulations to our New Graduates!

ACS would like to congratulate the following graduates, and wish them all the best for the future:

Laura Fergusson has finished the Certificate in Garden Design.

Alyson McFarland has finished the Certificate in Wildlife Management.


New Courses

Bush Tucker Plants - Imagine growing and eating your own bush tucker produce!

The only Bush Tucker course offered by distance education - Learn about identifying, growing and using Australian Indigenous Plants for Food. There are many Australian plants that are edible, and even some that are in very high demand as foods throughout the world. 

This facinating course examines growing and harvesting in addition to the many bush tucker foods:

  • Nuts and seeds (eg. Acacia, Macadamia, bunya nuts)
  • Drinks (eg. hot teas, infusions of nectar laden flowers, fruit juices)
  • Flavourings (eg. lemon scented myrtle)
  • Berries (eg. Astroloma, some Solanum species)
  • Fruits (eg. quandong, Ficus macrophylla, Syzygium)
  • Vegetables
  • Wattle seeds ground to produce ‘flour’
  • Plant roots ground to produce a paste or flour.

Find out more here!

Macadamia Nuts


Q. What Do Exams Look Like?
A.  You can see a few sample exams on the web site (see below); but as a rule, we are looking to see how you might recall information, and communicate ideas when confronted with the unexpected. If we were to tell you exactly how an exam was to be structured, that would defeat the whole purpose of examining you. At ACS, we view exams as only part of the overall assessment. People are never failed based upon performance in the exam alone. We take into account all of the records we have of how you have interacted with staff, how you have done in assignments and the exam too.

Psychology -
It’s not our policy to provide any more samples than this


Bookshop News

Just Published - ask at your local bookshop for these great two books:  

Garden Talk by Colin Campbell

Garden Talk provides the answers to most of the common problems that gardeners experience in growing vegetables, fruit and ornamentals. It also deals in some depth with the complexities of soil management and fertilisers. Organic treatment is included where possible and Colin's solutions are relevant to gardeners everywhere.

Growing Easy Herbs for Beauty, Fragrance and Flavour By Penny Woodward

Penny says: This book is very much a book for someone who has never tried to grow herbs before, or has tried and just found it all too complex. I want to show that:

- they are easy (to grow and use), quick (they don't involved a lot of time - consuming work), beautiful and fun;

-they are environmentally friendly and can be fitted into a garden in lots of simple and attractive ways;

-there are simple, attractive, delicious and easy ways to make them part of your day -to-day life.

It is not a comprehensive book (like Herbs for Australian Gardens), but it is supposed to entice the novice into herb gardenng and into using them in the home. I want people to open the book and think, "Yes I can do that!".

New in Bookshop

Upgrading & Fixing PC’s for Dummies  

The Rough Guide to Genes & Cloning

Project Management Demystified 


Herb Book.

New Jobs Service Board

This “FREE” directory is designed to connect:

  • Students who are seeking employment (Job Seekers), and
  • Employers who are seeking employees (Advertisers)

Advertise for Free, a job you need to fill, or yourself as a job seeker.  Browse to find jobs to apply for, or potential employees.



It has been a great experience for me especially as I have not studied for 25 years. I have learnt that I can study and focus were I want to be and raise 2 small children.

Brenda Harvey - Adolescent Psychology

Looking for Volunteers?

Over 5,000 students from ACS & affiliated colleges will be directed to this register if they are seeking work experience (which is a requirement in some courses)
Register your organisation as one looking for volunteers at:


Videos on Line

Videos on line – See new streamed videos through the Student Room. Simply log in to the Student Room, click on Online Library, then the Video link.


Staff News

ACS welcomes two new staff members:

Martin Powdrill Bsc (Hons) Applied Science (Resources Option), MSc Computer Studies, Permaculture Design Certificate.

Martin’s goal as a catalyst for sustainable change brings together his strengths and experience in his environmental, project management, and business backgrounds. For 25 years, Martin has been involved in Telecommunications, IT, Organisational Development, and Energy Conservation & Efficiency, prior to setting up his own Permaculture consulting business. He wishes to make a real difference to people and the planet, by actively bringing new perspectives to current challenges and exciting opportunities. To realise this, he enables diverse groups of people to flourish and release their untapped potential, by re-igniting their passion and creativity. Additionally, Martin volunteers with many local environmental and community groups, and facilitates discussions on climate change, peak oil, and transition towns. Martin has an allotment, and is currently enrolled in the Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award programme.

Phil Shepherd BSc, MSc
Phil has 24 years experience as a software engineer, primarily in commercial Research and Development. He has a wealth of experience in a variety of programming languages/environments, and the techniques required to deliver stable software within tight deadlines. He is primarily interested in the use of Object Orientated languages in an Open Source environment.

See all of our great staff here!




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