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Studying in 2012

Self-Designed Qualifications Offer a Tailored Approach to Education

Have you ever enrolled in a course and found that although a reasonable fit to your aspirations, it was not quite right for you? ACS offers students the flexibility to design their own course - putting together a combination of 100 hour modules that fit around their goals. This allows students to undertake a unique course of study, and avoid having to study modules that are of no interest or use to them.

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Get Credit for Your Past Achievements

Have you already gained some experience in a field you wish to study, or perhaps have already completed some training? You may be able to credit this against one of our qualifications, thereby saving time and money. Click here to see our RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) procedures.


Skill Shortages - Growth Industries

Get involved in a Growth Industry!

These courses (developed in the past year) are all about preparing to work in emerging and fast growing industries:
Business Coaching

There is a shortage of Botanists in the UK, which is more than likely to be reflected in the future in other countries, which could mean that skills in this area will become desirable.

The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) also recently reported a decline in botany and plant science courses at UK universities. At a time when the environment is under increasing threat, this would seem a crazy trend; and one that almost certainly must reverse at some stage.

Horticulture Industry veteran John Mason believes a shortage of well-qualified Horticulturists is looming a few years from now. Click here to check out the courses that could prepare you to answer the call!

It would seem that anyone who learns about the science of plants over the next few years may be setting themselves up for a career in a discipline where their competition may become relatively scarce.

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