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Featured Course: Introduction to Psychology

Featured Course: Introduction to Psychology
Psychology is the study of animal and human behaviour. This course will develop your ability to analyse aspects of a person's psychological state and apply derived knowledge to motivate that person. This provides a solid introduction/foundation for further studies of psychology covering the nature and scope of psychology, neurological and environmental effects on behaviour, personality, consciousness, perception, needs, drives and motivation.
The course covers seven subject areas:
- The nature and scope of psychology
- Neurological basis of behaviour
- Environmental effects on behaviour
- Consciousness and perception
- Personality
- Psychological development
- Needs, drives and motivation

Featured Ebook: Psychology Dictionary

Featured Ebook: Psychology Dictionary

This book has been developed as a reference tool for the discipline of Psychology. The Psychology Dictionary contains descriptions for common terms used in Psychology. There are many terms used in the area of Psychology alone, that are explained throughout this text. Other terms have been taken from everyday language and used in a different context to describe psychological phenomena.

Growing Organic Vegetables

Growing Organic Vegetables

Organically grown vegetables are free of potentially poisonous sprays, artificial colourings or preservatives that may be found in vegetables purchased in the market. Organically grown vegetables invariably taste better.

How do you get started?
Choose the right site in your garden for growing vegetables.
The vegetable garden should be sited where:
1. It receives maximum sunlight (not be shaded by trees and buildings), be well drained.
2. It has good soil.
3. It is relatively free from weeds and other competing plants.
4. It has access to a suitable supply of water.
5. It is sheltered from any prevailing winds.

Continue reading our hints on growing organic vegetables here...

Recent ACS Distance Education Graduates

Recent ACS Distance Education Graduates
Congratulations to our recent graduates of the Certificate of Wildlife Management:
Jordan Lucas and Lauren Tanner
Well done Jordan and Lauren and good luck in your chosen careers!

Enrol now and receive 3 FREE ebooks*

Enrol now and receive 3 FREE ebooks*
From 1 July 2013*, we have a special offer for a selection of our courses.

If you enrol into any of the following courses in the month of July, you will receive your choice of 3 ebooks from the ACS ebook catalogue for free!

Courses this offer applies to:

Counselling Skills I
Child Psychology
Sheep Practices
Animal Behaviour
Wildlife Conservation
Permaculture Systems
Marine Studies I
Beef Cattle

*Offer ends July 31 2013

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