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Student Testimonial - Jane Hurst

Student Testimonial - Jane

Jane is studying the e-learning version of Life Coaching. Here is what she has to say -
"I am enjoying it, as with a great deal of adult learning I am confirming things that I know, learning new ones and disputing things that I THOUGHT I knew!!!! Well worth the doing. Mind you I have the course with me all the time as by opting for the CD version I have it loaded onto my HTC phone and can read and write at any 'spare point'. IDEAL for me!"

Featured Course

Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture)

These studies provide you with an important broad based understanding of horticulture which greatly improves your ability to design effective permaculture systems.
These studies also broaden the employment prospects of graduates enabling them to seek employment in areas such as nurseries, landscaping and garden management. You will not only know about Permaculture systems, you will know how to intergrate the two together, making you a valuable consultant to the Horticulture industry.





Best Sellers Last Week

Below is a list of the most popular courses last week. Click on each link to read the full couse outline.


New Tutor - Daryl James

We are pleased to announce a new tutor and IT team member at our Queensland office: Daryl James.
Daryl juggles the running of his own photography business with his work at ACS, and brings a wealth of hands on experience to our students. His background includes systems analysis, marketing design, operations management, graphic design and typesetting.
He has won multiple first place awards in photography, and holds a degree in Fine Arts, and a number of other qualifications, some of which he is currently completing.
If you would like to see some of Daryl's photography work, please visit his website:
Daryl also has a Facebook page.

One of Daryl's landscape photos

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