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Student Feedback

Natisha Duncan, Plant Protection (Excerpt from Student Feedback Form)
Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why?
Yes the course was a very valuable learning experience for me. As a student who studied General Agriculture there was only so much that was taught in relation to plant protection. At present I work with the Crop protection unit and a lot had to be learnt on the job but while doing this course I gained more insights into what I have been doing at work and what I should be doing. The course has actually helped me to appreciate my role as an officer attached to Crop Protection and Quarantine a whole lot more.

Did the course meet your expectations? Please add comments.
Yes the course did meet my expectations and is helping me now look forward to having a greater input in to my organization.

Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? Please add comments.
I liked the way the course was structured, it was easy to understand and follow.

Where there any parts of the module/unit where you had particular difficulties? Which parts?
I did not really have any difficulties with the module since it's my line of work and all the things in there were familiar.

Did you receive good feedback (e.g comments on your work, answers to questions) from your tutor?
I did receive good feedback from my tutor.

Did you receive good service from school administrative staff? Please add comments.
I must say that the service from the administration staff was remarkable. Miss Elaine always responded to my questions and queries and she was always warm and welcoming.

Are there any comments you would like to make?
I hoping that the other modules that I intend on doing are as exciting as the one I just did.

Blog - John Mason

Where are the Business and Career Opportunities? - John Mason, Principal - ACS Distance Education

Perhaps people are looking in the wrong place for work. I hear about plenty of successful individuals and businesses, but increasingly, most have one thing in common: They are not following traditional employment pathways.

The keys are "Be different", "Be relevant to today and tomorrow", "Do things at the right time -being too early is just as bad as being too late"

Most people still have their mind set in the past when it comes to work.

The old idea of getting a university degree or apprenticeship, and having a guaranteed job simply does not work any more. If you can manage to push such prejudices aside and look at work in the context of a rapidly changing world, career opportunities can take on a whole new appearance.

I saw two interesting things in the media recently:... (Click here to read the full blog)

Our Most Popular Courses Last Week

Our most popular courses last week were:
Abnormal Psychology
Agricultural Marketing
Animal Health (Animal Husbandry II)
Certificate in Creative Writing
Certificate In Nutritional Counselling
Certificate in Zoo Keeping
Criminal Psychology

(Click on each link to read the full course outline)

Article - How Well Do You Know Yourself?


We think we know ourselves better than others know us. But how well do we know ourselves, really? Who we think we are is a matter of perception, and research suggests that most of us are not very good at forming accurate perceptions, especially our self-perception. Yet self-knowing and self-awareness are considered by almost every major philosophy as fundamental to our ability to mature and to take control of our lives.

So what is perception? On one level, it is the act of seeing; I see the beach, and I perceive the light playing on the water. Psychology teaches us about another aspect of perception, that of forming perceptions: the process of interpreting and making meaning of what the information that we receive through our senses. Some of our perceptions are instinctive (for instance, infants across cultures seem to have an instinctive aversion to snakes), but many of our perceptions (perhaps most of them) are learned. They are based on our experience, expectations and other influences. Read the full article - click here.

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