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News Bulletin 2008

Contents of this Newsletter

1. Featured courses
2. Bookshop update
3. Computer problems?
4. Expanded website content
5. Spotlight on business
6. Noticeboard in Student Room
7. Plagiarism warning
8. Horticultural Qualifications with Clout!
9. Our Credentials


1. Featured courses

Learn Editing & Proof Reading! Click here for more details.

2. Bookshop update

A large variety of texts by John Mason and ACS staff are only available from the ACS Bookshop. You can find different non fiction texts and reference books chosen by our tutors to supplement & support our courses.

Dozens of new titles have been added in recent months
Take a look at


3. Computer problems?

Save the headaches and study our Computer Servicing I Course   SPECIAL OFFER –DISCOUNT for limited time only.  Check out more

4. Expanded website content

We have added some new content to our websites


Want to start a business, but worried about the risks?
Got a struggling business?
Want help deciding the next step?

…. We provide a service to help you decide where to go from here.
You may just need to read the right book, take one step back and carefully plan for the future, or you may need to do a course to upskill. We can help you identify and plan a way forward.
Use our Free Service at

Start a Herb Business?  - Enrol in Herb Culture

Student comment: 'An excellent guide to self-learning"   E. Holsman

Click for enrolment details

6. Noticeboard in Student Room
Student Room is an area in our Student Login area. We have a new notice board facility in the student room where students, friends and colleagues can promote events, or anything else.

Students –Check it out and let us know if you want something posted.

7. Plagiarism warning

We’ve detected a growing incidence of students copying work from web sites into assignments.
If there is any suggestion of work not being original (ie. Your own words) you will need to repeat and resubmit.

Remember: it may be easy for students to copy work from the internet. But it is also easy for tutors to search the net and quickly determine where you have copied it from.

  • Copying does nothing to improve your learning
  • Colleges that allow copying cannot hold respect in academic circles or with employers
  • By being strict on plagiarism we strengthen the credentials of our graduates

8. Horticulture with a Clout!

Horticultural Qualifications with Clout!

9. Our credentials

  • Recognised by International Accreditation and Recognition Council
  • Highly qualified, experienced and respected staff
  • A range of memberships and affiliations in the UK, Australia and elsewhere.
  • Affiliations and articulation arrangements with a range of other colleges in the UK and Australia.


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