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John Mason Visiting Melbourne and the UK

John Mason will be attending MIFGS in Melbourne from the 27th March, so feel free to catch up with him there.

He will also be visiting the UK in April and May, catching up with our UK Affiliates and staff, and potentially broadening our thriving Affiliation Network.

Student Profile

Below is an excerpt from a Student Feedback Form we recently received: The student is Tiffany Gordon, and she is completing the Calf Rearing course.

Is your work being marked satisfactorily?
Yes, very pleased with my tutor's comments and suggestions.

Do you find the course to be a valuable learning experience? Why?

Very much so... been working in the livestock (dairy cattle) industry for years and thought I knew it all. Calf rearing was one area I had limited knowledge of, and due to a new work role, I needed to know more... quickly!!
This course allowed me the freedom to work within the industry and learn at the same time, I learnt a lot of new and diverse calf rearing options that have now better prepared me for the 'real world' of calf rearing and my new role within the dairy industry.
A great 'grounding' course, even for those who are hands on raising calves. I have recommended this course to a few calf rearers already!

Overall comments you may wish to make:
I enjoyed the simplistic approach this course gave, and yet still felt challenged on a few topics. Overall, I'd be happy to highly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in raising the next quality batch of calf replacements on their farm!!

To read a full outline of the course, please click here.

Calling all Adventurous Environmental Students!

For those students studying Conservation and Environmental Management, we have received a communication that you may be interested in:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to ask if it would be possible to advertise to your students studying the above course a funded European Environmental placement to Slovakia running mid April - Mid May?

We have 4 spaces left for a group to go out to Slovakia and work on a placement focusing on conservation and eco tourism. The partner wants the group out before the summer season starts in order to undertake surveys and work that cannot be done during summer. the web page is and contains a diary that last years group created. Most of the activities they talk about will be repeated by this years group, but others will not as they worked with different projects last year.

The placement is funded by the EU Leonardo Da Vinci scheme, so return UK flights, insurance, accommodation, food and airport transfers in Slovakia are covered. Participants take spending money for personal purchases and make their own way to and from the UK airport. These placements are a great opportunity to live and work in a another country, learning new methods and techniques as well as using familiar ones. The groups also experience the culture as they will be living near local towns and interacting with local people. As the town is right on the Hungary-Slovak border, they will be working in both Sovakia and Hungary doing surveys and working in a RAMSAR site.

Is there any chance students studying Conservation and Environmental Management would be able to take part?

Joanne Wilkinson
Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd
016973 21516

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