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NEW Ebook - Orchids

New Ebook released: Orchids

A colourful guide for students, home gardeners and orchid enthusiasts. The first part deals with growing orchids, and the second covers dozens of orchid genera, and hundreds of cultivars. Explore orchids as cut flowers, container plants, indoor plants and outdoor garden plants, in both tropical and temperate climates, across the world.

To read the full outline, or to purchase this ebook, please click here.

Student Feedback

Student Feedback
ACS asks for student feedback from all students once they near the end of their course with us. This helps direct us in terms of course development and improvement, as well where we might improve our student services. A recent student feedback form follows:

Name: Janette Strokappe

Course: Professional Supervision

Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why?
Yes it was very valuable. It was very thorough and as I have to assume a supervisor's role, the course made me aware of the extent of the role and what I have to do to make it successful.

Did the course meet your expectations? Please add comments.
Yes, it was very thorough. I believe it covered all aspects of the supervisor's role.

Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? Please add comments.
Yes, the structure was fine. It led me through the topics in an orderly manner and didn't jump all over the place.

Were there any parts of the module/unit where you had particular difficulties? Which parts?
No. I had to give effort to all parts of the program. But it was not impossible.

Did you receive good feedback (e.g. comments on your work, answers to questions) from your Tutor? Who was your tutor?
Yes, I received good comments. My tutor was Tracy Jones.

Did you receive good service from school administrative staff? Please add comments.
Yes, my queries were answered promptly.

Are there any parts of the module/unit you feel could be improved? If so how?
No, I think a lot of thought has gone into it.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?
I enjoyed the course and feel better prepared to take on the role of supervisor.

To learn more about the course Professional Supervision, please click here.

ACS Easter Holiday Hours

Office hours over Easter 2013

The ACS office will be closing Thursday afternoon 28th March at 4.00pm, and will re-open on Tuesday 2nd April at 9.30am.

ACS wishes you a safe and happy Easter break.

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