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New Courses

New Courses

We are excited to announce the launch of two new courses. These courses were chosen for development by the overwhelming response we received when we asked our students and newsletter recipients what they thought we should develop next. (Be sure to read the next section to help us choose more courses to develop!)

Child and Adolescent Mental Health 
There are ten lessons in this module as follows

1. Nature and Scope of Mental Health
2. Childhood Depression and how this changes when a child reaches adolescence.
3. Anxiety Disorders - separation, generalised etc. school phobias, social phobias etc. signs/symptoms/treatment
4. Tic Disorders - Tourette's etc. signs/symptoms/treatment
5. Brain Disorders (Injury & Disease) signs/symptoms/treatment
6. Other Disorders - Elimination Disorders, Feeding & Eating Disorders of Childhood, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Selective Mutism, Stereotypic Movement Disorder; signs/symptoms/treatment
7. Environmental Problems - Abuse and Neglect, Relationship Problems signs/symptoms/treatment.
8.Problems of Adolescence - Anorexia, Bulimia, Substance Use, Family Conflict  signs/symptoms/treatment
9. Holistic and Alternative Approaches to Treatment - A general approach
10. Special Project - student chooses something of interest
To read the full course outline and to enrol, please click here.

There are nine lessons in this module as follows:
1. Overview and Introductory Ethics
2. Arguing an Ethical Position - An Overview of Meta Ethics
3. Accommodating Varying Viewpoints
4. Virtues and Morality
5. Reasons for Ethical Decisions
6. The Social Contract
7. Applied Ethics A - An Individual’s Rights 
8. Applied Ethics B - An Ethical Society 
9. Applied Ethics C - Ethics in Work and Business
To read the full course outline and to enrol, please click here.

What Courses and Books Should We Develop?

What Courses and Books Should We Develop?
Tell us if you are interested in any of the following; and if you would like to be kept informed if we develop any of these:


  1. Sustainable Living - How to reduce your footprint on the environment, reduce pollution, be less dependant on money, use less energy, live in a cleaner and healthier way.
  2. Wildlife Photography
  3. Climateology or Weather Science
  4. Carnivores
  5. Mammals
  6. Freshwater Ecology
  7. Wetland Management
  8. Managing Pain
  9. Managing Back Problems


  1. Mushroom Growing
  2. Animal Behaviour
  3. Cut Flowers
  4. Editing
  5. Running an IT Business or Working in IT
  6. Entrepeneurship
  7. Relaxation Techniques
  8. Coping with Dementias

    Please let us know what you would like to see us develop - email

NEW Magazine Coming Soon!

New Magazine Coming – September 2013

Available in newsagents across Australia this September, Homegrown Magazine is all about green living - inside and outside your home.

ACS Principal John Mason is the Gardening Editor, with other ACS staff contributing also.

Be sure to look out for it, it will be a wonderful read!

Sample cover of Homegrown Magazine

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