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New Course launched

“Green Walls and Roofs”

Learn to develop appropriate and functional roof and vertical gardens, for residential, commercial and public landscapes. Green walls and roofs are increasingly popular in landscaping and environmental management for various reasons, including:

  • - Greening areas where there is lack of space for a more extensive garden
  • - Improving aesthetics of unsightly places
  • - Improving the environment (eg. reduce glare, modify temperature, filter air pollutants, reduce water run off and mitigate flood problems, etc)
  • - Urban farming –growing crops in an urban area

More information can be found here

Enrolments now accepted to study with paper based notes or CD

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New E Book

Getting Work in Horticulture

Find out what it is like to work in horticulture! This interesting new e book will show you how to get started in this diverse industry, and build a sustainable career. Learn to keep your options broad, so you can move from sector to sector as industry demands and fashions change across your working life. Take a peek at the book. here

New Bookkeeping Applications course

New Bookkeeping Applications course

This course is for people who have some foundation knowledge of bookkeeping through study or work experience. It will help to further broaden understanding of how to apply bookkeeping principles to business management.
For more information click here


Fee Increase soon

Fees will increase at the beginning of 2013.
This will be our first increase in over 2 years, but unfortunately with costs increasing, we cannot hold back any longer. Enrol today to avoid the increase.

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