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Featured Ebook: "How Children Think"

Featured Ebook: "How Children Think"

Anyone who has ever tried to make a child do anything (clean up their mess, stop throwing mud, stop drawing on the walls… ) knows that children think differently to adults. This book attempts to provide the skills and knowledge to develop a greater understanding of children. Read the full outline, or download a sample. here

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Enrol Now to Avoid the Fee Increase

Enrol Now to Avoid the Fee Increase

Though we have held off increasing our fees for the last few years, ACS Distance Education will be doing so early next year – so if you’ve always wanted to take a course, enrol now to avoid the increase! If you want to avoid the fee increase, but don’t want to start on your course until next year, no problem! Just let us know, and we will defer your studies.


Mary Roberts, Koala Research Manager

A Word from One of Our Students - Mary Roberts, Koala Research Manager

Not everybody can write 'Koala Detective' on their resume but Mary Roberts can. With a background in nursing and retail this was not all that predictable.

A long-held passion for the environment drove Mary to change her career and she now works as a nature guide and researcher in the South West Region of Victoria. She took up studies in Eco Tourism Tour Guide with ACS to enhance her knowledge and to ensure she was providing clients/tourists with the most satisfying and inspirational experiences possible.

It obviously worked, as she was featured in the blog of two American Tourists who wrote about their Koala spotting adventure and has received a sizeable tip from another appreciative tourist.

Her employers, Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours, ran the Koala Detectives program based on Mary's assignment for lesson two of the Eco Tourism course. It was used as part of a fundraising event and helped educate and entertain locals.

'Kids' of all ages had the opportunity to find and identify koalas in the wild - by sight, smell and tracks. They used the skills of a Koala Detective to figure out whether the koala was a boy or a girl, young or old, and then - using Mary's special Koala Identification Kit were able to identify which koala it was! Successful "detectives" received a certificate.

Due to the improvement in her guiding skills and the things she is learning, Mary is thoroughly enjoying her studies and finding the rewards are many. She will receive a certificate of her own in due course! To read the outline of the Ecotourism Tour Guide course, please click here

Whilst talking with Mary prior to publishing this article, she stated that her employers, Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours were very impressed with the course and would like to offer work experience to other Australia based Environment and Wildlife students. For further information please visit their website or contact them by E-mail:

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Photo/s supplied by Echidna Walkabout Tours'
Koala photo Wild Koala Cloud
Mary studying
Photo/s supplied by Echidna Walkabout Tours'

Great Environmentally-Friendly Ideas for Christmas Presents!

Great Environmentally-Friendly Ideas for Christmas Presents!

Give an ebook this Christmas! We have a huge range of picture rich, interesting ebooks – including Caring For Dogs, Herbs, Starting a Business, Roses, Nutritional Therapy, Horse Care, Psychology Dictionary, and much much more! See our full range of titles. Click here

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