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Course News

New Marine Aquaculture Course Now Available - Mariculture

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Wildlife Conservation
Recreation Leadership
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Arboriculture II
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does an ACS course compare with a TAFE course (ie. An Australian Vocational College Course)?
A. We often find people in industry telling us that a single 100 hr module with ACS has taught them more than an entire level 3 or level 4 certificate at TAFE
It in reality, you cannot compare the two; because they are very different concepts.
ACS courses are all about learning; TAFE courses are often, but not always more about assessment
• TAFE sets their minimum standards in line with how they assess students. Some TAFE’s go well beyond the minimum, others don’t.
• ACS sets our standards based upon a minimum level of learning; rather than assessment.
• Our aim is to produce graduates who have a foundation or framework that fosters a continuation of learning after you graduate –but TAFE courses do not enforce the same aim

Q. Can I contact a tutor to chat about issues whilst I am studying?
A. Yes –Tutors are working 5 days a week in Australia and the UK. They are happy to chat about any issues you need help with. If a tutor is not on hand in your subject area; we will take a message and have one call you back.

Have You Watched our Orientation Video?

Our multimedia presentation is a really good introduction to what ACS offers you as a student, and how we deliver courses. After you have enrolled, log in to the Student Room to view the presentation by Principal John Mason.

ACS Principal John Mason Awarded Fellowship

The Australian Institute of Horticulture Inc is the only cross sector organisation or guild in Australia that represents all levels of professional horticulturists.

AIH has been developing, promoting and providing advocacy for Australia’s horticulture professionals since 1960. In fact since November 25 1960, when AIH combined a number of interests to become one significant national organisation.

On November 20 2010 AIH celebrated its Golden Anniversary with a special national event combined with the AIH National Awards.

During the event, ACS Distance Education Principal John Mason was named a Fellow of the AIH. The staff at ACS would like to congratulate John on this achievement.

John's involvement in horticulture over the last 40 or so years has strengthened his passion for education. He holds strong views on what he sees as a flagging quality in horticultural education, and works hard to ensure that ACS delivers sound courses to students.

To see our horticulture courses, click here.

John giving his acceptance speech


John Mason Visits Sydney Affiliates

John recently visited our Sydney Affiliates. He met with Julia Buxton from Australian College QED, David Grabovac from Regent College, and Matthew Smith from Australian College of Sport and Fitness. The ACS affiliates network is continuing to thrive.

Visit our Sydney Affiliate's websites:

Australian College QED:

Regent College:

Australian College of Sport and Fitness:

From Left: David Grabovac, Matthew Smith, Julia Buxton, John Mason.

Student Testimonials

Allan M Eno MSc, BSc (Hons) Degree, a background in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy/Counselling with 12 years experience as a practitioner and 10 years experience as a Clinical Supervisor/Manager. A current practitioner in private practice at 10 Harley Street, London, offering supervision to counsellors/therapists and psychological therapies for a range of client problems.

"The course was a valuable learning experience for me because it challenged my thinking regarding the application of supervision and how to apply supervision to different professions.
The course exceeded my expectations, in particular because it explored other aspects of supervision such as burn-out, professionalism, ethics and legal concerns. The course has a very comphrensive approach to supervision, which makes for a more rounded supervisor."

Allan studied Professional Supervision. For a full list of our Psychology courses, click here.

Stephanie Jackson: (Nursery Owner, Freelance Journalist) "I began the course with a reasonable amount of knowledge, but have learnt a great deal over the past months, particularly in relation to the more 'scientific' aspects of horticulture. For instance, I could take cuttings of a wide range of plants and get them to strike, but now I have an understanding of the unseen and complex processes that are involved in successful propagation.
I have always looked at the plants in my garden and the insects that inhabit it in great detail, but now I find myself peering at everything even more closely, and my passion for the natural world has intensified now that I have an inkling of how and why plants grow as they do.
The course, in addition to providing me with additional knowledge in relation to horticulture, has reminded me where my roots have always been, and while I will continue to write about travel, I'm now more determined than ever to write about gardening and to be able to share my passion, through my words and images, with readers who also have a love of the natural world and of its great and wondrous diversity of flora."

Stephanie studied one of the RHS Certificate II qualifications. To see a full list of our Horticulture courses, click here.
To read more testimonials, click here.

Allan Eno

Photo taken by Stephanie Jackson

Coming Soon!

We will soon be releasing our most popular books as EBooks!

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