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New Ebook: Scented Plants

New Ebook: Scented Plants

Scented plants can be either a delight or a curse! For many people, there is nothing more pleasing than a garden filled with fragrance, but for others who suffer allergies, certain plants can make them physically ill; sometimes very seriously.

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Testimonial - Chloe Blumm, Aquaponics

Testimonial - Chloe Blumm, Aquaponics

I am loving the course! I have learned so much and can't stop reading the material. My tutors give me great feedback.

I believe this has been one of the most rewarding and valuable learning experiences. Not only do I look forward to doing my classes everyday, I'm also learning great information for something I am truly passionate about. I believe the layout of each lesson is very helpful and I am surprised how much information I learn from just reading a few pages. I graduated from an online national high school and was so happy when I found this school. I am very satisfied with this type of education. The school has been so helpful and nice!

I am also very satisfied with the staff at this school. Anytime I have a question they have been right there to help me along the way. The support is great and it makes my learning experiences even better."

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Aquaponics Chloe Blumm


New Course - Horticultural Therapy

New Course - Horticultural Therapy

A horticultural therapist needs to be part horticulturist, part health care worker, part counsellor, and sometimes other things beyond these.

They can work in medical or health care institutions (e.g. hospitals, homes for the elderly), community centres, special schools (e.g. for people with disabilities), sheltered workshops, prisons, or any other relevant situation.

Horticultural therapy is used for people with a wide range of cognitive, physical and social skills, including those people:

Suffering from stroke
Suffering from heart disease
With sight impairment (the blind and the partially sighted)
With dementia
With learning disabilities
With physical disabilities (including amputees)
With underdeveloped social skills
Chronically unemployed
Disengaged teenagers
In substance abuse recovery
Recovering from illness
Coming to terms with grief
Adjusting after personal difficulties in their lives
With terminal illness
Rehabilitating after a period in hospital
With physical restrictions - such as the elderly
Children – in general

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planting Horticultural Therapy
Plant Pruning Horticultural Therapy

Psychological Profiling Ebook Takes Off!

Psychological Profiling Ebook Takes Off!

This newly released ebook has been hugely popular to people from all walks of life and varied professions.

A profile of an individual at it's most basic is an outline of what a person is really like in terms of their personality traits and characteristics. The most widely known form of profiling is that which is used to assess criminal behaviour. This is largely due to the popularity of TV shows and books which include criminal profiling.

When we hear the term "psychological profiling", we often assume it is in relation to criminal behaviour, however profiling can be used for a wide range of reasons, such as:
Assessing a person’s suitability for a specific role or profession.
Determining a specific characteristic in a person, such as intelligence or neuroses.
Determining someone’s personality.
Determining a person’s mental health state.
Diagnosing clinical conditions.

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Psychological Profiling Ebook
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