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New Courses! Goat Production, Aquarium Management

ACS is excited to announce the release of two brand new courses!

Goat Production

Goat farming is one of the most significant agricultural pursuits worldwide. Goats are farmed for dairy, meat, fibre (cashmere), and also kept as pets. They are even widely used for controlling weeds! This course will teach you the fundamentals of goat farming on any scale. Learn more! Click here.

Aquarium Management

Aquariums are a magical addition to homes and businesses. An aquarium is basically the resemblance of an underwater ecosystem. This course will teach you how to maintain similar conditions to the natural environment and habitat of the species that live in the tank by showing you how to maintain constant water conditions as well as optimal water quality levels specifically required by each organism in the aquarium tank.

To read more about this amazing new course, click here.

NEW Ebooks Coming Soon

ACS will soon be releasing more image rich and beautifully written ebooks:

Modern Marketing
Growing Ferns

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Student Feedback

Student Feedback: Jessica Harley, Ireland, Vertebrate Zoology Course

Jessica is enjoying her study experience so much that she is now upgrading to a Certificate in Wildlife Conservation. Here is what she has to say about her Vertebrate Zoology course.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Vertebrate Zoology course with ACS. Dr. Browne has been a wonderful tutor and has given clear, concise and constructive feedback on each of the assignments I have submitted. The structure of the course allows you to independently research topics guided by module notes, set tasks and assignment questions. The more you put into this course the more you take away. I love the suggestions of where and how to do the set tasks. Dissecting a grey mullet for Assignment 2 was thus far the best part of the course – while it is only suggested to approach in this manner you should consider making it a requirement of the module. I was able to coordinate with a local fisherman in association with a fish monger - they happily caught and presented me with a beautiful specimen. After dissection it made a great meal for my four legged friends (Nothing wasted and absolutely ethical! :). The hands-on approach enabled me to get a very comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of a fish. The gizzard of the grey mullet was a bonus and had I not dissected - I would not have been able to fully appreciate the complex digestive system of this omnivorous fish. Today I'm off to the Eagles Flying raptor research center to meet with the biologist who runs the center – he's allowing me to spend the day observing barn owls for my current module. Yet another brilliant experience thanks to my enrolment at ACS."

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