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Will this Course Get Me a Job?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is will this course get me a job? Our principal John Mason Principal of ACS & author of over 40 books comments.

Will this Course Get Me a Job?
Some colleges and schools quote success rates and promise all types of things about the sort of job you might get upon completing a course. It would be lovely if things were so simple, but in reality they are not.

The truth is getting a job and having a successful career will depend upon many things, and the course you do is only one of those things.

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Principal John Mason met with Peter Rezin (Examinations Officer) at the Royal Horticultural Society Headquarters, Wisely, outside London in late September

More New Certificates!

We've been busy planning some exciting and relevant new certificates. Have a look:

Certificate in Crop Management - Learn to manage the production and marketing of a farm that produces horticultural crops.

Certificate in Small Business - Whether you are starting up a small business or already own one, gear yourself for sucess by being informed, organsied and focuses.

Certificate in Ecotourism Business - This course provides an excellent foundation for establishing and operating a new or existing Ecotourism business. 

Certificate in Editing & Proofreading - Study under the guidence of Publishing industry professionals with decades of experience in this field.

Certificate in Propagation - Good Propagators are one of the most valued staff members in any production nursery. Their speed and strike rate will determine the profitability of the entire nursery.

"At the Touch of Love Everyone Becomes a Poet" - Plato

NEW Poetry course available now click here to view the course outline.

An Ode to Poetry BWR109

In bringing forth the poet inside

there is no need to stem the tide

This course has a style for me and you

From sonnets to odes and even haiku

Enrol today and find your flavour

Do your creative self a favour

More Courses now Revised and Expanded

Irrigation Gardens - Learn how to build and maintain an efficent irrigation system.

Irrigation Management (Horticulture) - This course builds on skills achieved in Irrigation (BHT210 and BHT204) modules to develop students’ skills to manage the design and operation of large scale irrigation systems for horticultural applications.

Statistics - How many standard deviations are you above the norm? Enroll now and improve your percentile.

Engineering II - Apply appropriate, and innovative engineering solutions, to improve efficiency and productivity in agriculture and horticulture.

Introduction to Ecology - Ecology is the cornerstone of the Life Sciences. It provides the link between the different branches of Life Sciences, structuring them as a complete concept of life.

New to Online Learning

Some of our favourites are now available online:

Earth Science - Earth Science develops an ability to identify and describe the Earth, its structure and explain processes that affect change in the structure and composition of the earth.

Statistics - Now online, are you above the mean?

Engineering II - Apply appropriate, and innovative engineering solutions, to improve efficiency and productivity in agriculture and horticulture.

Biochemistry I (Plants) - This course focuses on plants, though much of the course is applicable to both plants and animals.


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