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Organic Farming

It's now more important than ever to farm organically – why?

    - Organic farming encourages biodiversity
    - Organic farms can produce the same yields as non organic
    - Organic farms show lower disease prevalence than non organic
    - Organic produce can sell for a higher price than non organic
    - While organic farms may be more labour intensive, they usually operate on lower costs and are profitable
    - The EU is voting to ban a popular herbicide, because it has been linked to birth defects.  A comprehensive report on a widely used herbicide by UK-based sustainability NGO "Earth Open Source" has reported that industry and EU regulators knew in 1980s-1990s that a chemical used in herbicides - glyphosate - can cause birth defects in laboratory animals.

    Learn how to successfully farm organically with our Organic Farming 100 hr course.

Our students gain:

• The practical skills they need to farm organically
• Knowledge and ‘know how’
• Insight into organic husbandry of farm animals
• Insight into organic food & crop production
• Understanding of organic certification
• And much more!

Enrol here with ACS - everything you need to learn organic farming:

• Payment plans available for the price you need
• Experienced tutors so you’ll get the support you need
• Flexible study so you’ll have the time you need

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