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Psychology Video

ACS Tutor Tracey Jones, M.Psych. speaks out about psychology courses and careers – watch her on the school’s Facebook Group page:
Click here, and scroll to the bottom of the left column. Please note that you will need a Facebook account to access this information.

New ACS Horticulture Group on Facebook

Join us and network with those in the horticulture and allied industries around the world! Click here. Please note that you will need a Facebook account to access this information.

Fee Increase in September

Fees will be increasing in September, so avoid the price rise by enrolling now! We will accept enrolments at the current rates for the next few weeks only.

What's Different About ACS?

• Learning is the top priority
• Learning is all about developing a capacity to do and understand things
• Learning is not about a “gathering of information” – you buy a book or surf the net for that
• Learning is not an “acquiring of certifications” – you can achieve that with very mediocre learning by simply paying fees, and registering with the right bodies
• ACS is focussed on the student’s learning.

Student News

The staff at ACS would like to congratulate Yuen Ching Kwan Bisa who was recently awarded her Certificate in Psychology. We wish her all the best for the future.

Student Testimonials

Joanne - Botany II
I find the course quite interesting! At first glance the reading material and questions look so simple, but they actually require quite a bit of thinking and probing. The course is very well designed!

Kate - Anatomy
The information given was excellent, but the assignments also made you look further to find answers yourself and I find this a much better way of learning...  It has given me a grounding knowledge in human biology which is perfect as I am applying to study Chiropractics at university next year.  I couldn’t have asked for more from my tutor. She was very thorough and extremely helpful with any problems I encountered. 

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