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NEW Ebook Knowing and Growing Annuals

Beautiful New Ebook: Knowing and Growing Annuals - Grow a magnificent flower garden

Get to know Annual plants better with the newly published ebook - Knowing and Growing Annuals written by John Mason and staff of ACS Distance Education. With stunning colour photographs and 141 pages of concise outlines of each genus; representing most of the commonly grown annual bedding plants that are cultivated around the world.

Annuals can be grown in containers (eg. potted colour, baskets, tubs); as bedding plants (in garden beds), on mass in a field or even amongst grasses or other low plants; or as cut flower crops. They are used to create colour and turn a landscape into something quite special.

This is a book for students of horticulture, home gardeners through to professional horticulturists; nursery professionals, seedsmen, garden managers, landscapers or cut flower growers. The bulk of this book presents different annual genera in alphabetical order.

For a sample and to purchase a copy of this ebook, click here!

Add a Unique Twist to your Garden - Green Walls and Roofs


A roof garden is quite literally a garden on the roof of any type of building – garden shed, house, shopping centre, factory, office building, apartment block, gazebo, garage, even a barn or dog kennel! There are some very well-known roof gardens around the world. For instance, the Roof Garden in Kensington, London, UK which is spread over a staggering 6000m2, or one and a half acres!
The gardens are divided into several themed areas including a woodland garden, Spanish garden, and Tudor garden. They are open to the public and can be booked for weddings and other special events.
Examples of roof gardens are:
- A flat roof covered with a waterproofing surface; and container plants set over that surface.
- A sloped roof supporting shallow growing trays or troughs.
- Hydroponic trays of plants, growing on a roof.

Do you want to add a twist to your garden? Learn all about Green Walls and Roofs - 100 hour course or find out more about our ebook on Climbing Plants.

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