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Fees are being revised and will increase next month. Enrol now to avoid the increase... We will give you any ONE of our *CD’s or Videos valued at $35.00 for free. To get the gift, your friend must write on their enrolment “referred by ………… (including your name and email address)”
*Subject to Availablity


Bookkeepers are increasingly in demand across the world. There are not enough bookkeepers to fill the number of bookkeeping positions, especially in the UK.
Qualify as a bookkeeper with Bookkeeping I.
Because ACS is an Accredited Training Centre for this course, those who complete Bookkeeping I are eligible to join the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the largest bookkeeping institute in the world. More information on the course, for more information on the Australian branch of the institute click here. bookkeeping

Environmental industries are on the move! water conservation
As you know already, Australia is going through a 1 in 500 year drought event. This is very bad news, as we are one of the countries that use the most water per head in the world!
The Water Conservation & Management course provides you with simple and straightforward tools to save water in your business and home. Make your water use as efficient as it can be and make your business as profitable as it can be. The Principles in this course can also be applied to other resources management! CLICK for more information

Health Science is booming. Take the first step toward a career in either medicine or natural health with ACS. Our Diploma in Natural Health
and Pre Med Diploma both have articulation into highly credible qualifications; or by themselves, give you a sound grounding for working in an adjunct capacity within the health industries.
IT - Website Development. Every business wants a website these days. Competent web site developers are in high demand. We've been at the forefront of this industry for 10 years. Learn from tutors who actually create successful web sites! See our range of IT qualifications. Click here
Media -The writing profession is changing. There may be fewer books being published, but the demand for people skilled in writing for the internet, or writing marketing material is increasing rapidly. There is also a growing demand for competent editors. See our range of writing courses writing



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