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  • Weddings & Events together in one Certificate!
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Its a marriage made in heaven ~ Wedding Planning & Events together in one Certificate!

Start A New Business or Improve your Current Knowledge with this great new certificate.
ACS Distance Education is pleased to announce the new certificate in Event Management AND Wedding Planning.

This comprehensive course enables you to develop the skills required to set up your own business working as a wedding planner and event manager. 

Many people in this area will eventually focus on one particular area, such as wedding planning. But initially, when starting your own business, you may find that there are not sufficient clients to specialise. The beauty of this course is that It doesn’t force you to make that choice straight away.

  • You can work in event management and wedding planning, as you will have the skills for both.

  • You have a wider potential market of clients as you can work in both areas.

  • If you have decided which area you want to focus in, this gives the opportunity to work in both at first.

  • OR if you don’t want to specialise, then you can continue working in wedding planning and event management.


Imagine, large events and weddings can be time consuming, but if you are planning a large wedding, you might still have time to organise smaller events at the same time, increasing your business AND your cash flow.

If you work for someone else, this can be a great addition to your CV. If you work in the hospitality industry, then being able to plan weddings and events for your hotel or restaurant etc puts another string in your bow!

Find out more at –

Not sure if you want to do a whole certificate in event management or wedding planning, then it is possible to take individual modules in both of those areas. Find out more on wedding planning at
And event management at -


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