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Careers Counselling Corner

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Course Upgrades
We've been busy! All of the following courses have been expanded over the past month:

Study Hotel Management Hotel Management study food & beverage management Food/Beverage Management
study photography Photographing People study entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship
study earth science Earth Science study human nutrition Human Nutrition I
study adolescent psychology Adolescent Psychology  

New Online Courses
New online course now available!

study photographic practice
Photographic Practice
This is a serious course suitable for both career development or improving amateur skills beyond the basics. This course develops an understanding of how to compose the components of a photograph to create different effects. You develop not only a theoretical foundation for creating an image, but by putting what you learn into practice, then interacting with your tutors in an analysis of your work and that of others, your capacity to understand the possibilities and create different images will develop steadily throughout the course. (more)

This Month's Specials

save on these courses!Check out this month's specials on courses!

Bookshop News

New books added to the ACS Bookshop in the areas of Psychology, Photography & Hospitality.

ACS Students receive a 10% discount on all books in the Bookshop.

Latest Addition:
Propagation From Cuttings from ACS BookshopPropagating From Cuttings
Written by ACS principal, John Mason, this second edition of Propagating from Cuttings fills a big gap in the gardener's and nurseryman’s library. Jam packed with details of how to grow plants more effectively from cuttings, it is an easy to follow and well indexed reference that will be invaluable for both professional and amateur horticulturists.



Deciding On Your Education

Some critical points you need to keep in mind to make a better choice!

1. The best education teaches lateral and creative thinking, enabling a student to adapt to the modern world, which is changing faster than ever. Experiential learning is widely recognised internationally as being much more useful for long term career prospects than Competency Based Training.

2. Education may not be ‘up to date’. Many universities and colleges are delivering courses that were designed for needs identified a few years before the course was developed.  As a result, some universities and colleges are producing graduates with skills that are less relevant than when they began their studies.

3. Service varies greatly from one college to the next. Ask:

  • Can you access tutors fast and whenever you need them?
  • What other support services are available to help with studies?

4. Qualifications can vary a lot.
Some certificates may only be 20 or 30 hrs, while others can be 600 or 700 hrs. Some diplomas may be 3 months while others can be 3 years. Graduates studying a high quality certificate may in fact be more successful than graduates from a poor quality qualification.         

5. Being different gives you an edge. Popular courses produce lots of people with the same set of skills, who all have to compete with each other. Courses from quality boutique colleges, offering variety and something different, produce people who have a different slant and a stronger capacity to compete.

6. The world is increasingly driven by money and productivity. People who can produce, succeed. A qualification helps get a job application noticed; but after that it is all about how you perform in the interview AND in the job. Courses that focus on getting the qualification only help you get an interview. Courses that focus on making you productive, help you actually get the job and build career success.

Staff Changes

New Staff
Danni Shez McDonald Danni comes to ACS with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, and a Certificate II in Hospitality Operations. She will be working as an Academic & Marketing officer at the Robina Office.
Colin McHugh

Colin has a Higher National Diploma in Electronics, a Bachelor of Sciences and a Master of Sciences. He will be joining ACS as a Tutor in I.T.

Daniela Wilken-Jones

Daniela has an Honours Degree in Applied Science, and will be working as an Academic Officer at our Robina office.

Vahini Panda Vahini has left after more than 3 years with us to pursue her own business interests. Good luck Vahini!


What our students are saying:
"My time with ACS has been extremely beneficial... and I would recommend the school to anyone seeking to study by Distance Education"
- Victor, QLD, studying Adv. Certificate in Applied Management (Horses)

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