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NEW BOOK! by John Mason (ACS principal) “Growing Australian Natives 2nd edition”

If you are thinking about starting a native garden or perhaps you want to improve and change what you already have, then this book will help you make the right choices. This 2nd edition of John Mason’s native plant ‘Bible’ adds over 100 more pages to the 1st edition. It includes a new chapter on landscaping, covers over 2,000 different plants and their habits and cultivation requirements.  It is the best value native plant book in this price range. Click here to buy this book.

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Making the most of your money: Financial Management course. If your money is trickling away in bank fees, interest payments and bill debits, you are not alone. But you are not helpless either. Find out how to take charge of your finances, reduce your costs and operate more economically. ACS offers a range of books and courses designed to help you save money and increase your real income by making a few simple changes to the way you manage your finances. Study options are available for personal money management as well as for businesses. For more information, check out the Financial Management course outline.

You can now choose to study the following on CD and Save 10% 

Stress Management - Develop an understanding of what causes stress and how the body reacts to it. Learn how to manage lifestyle issues that contribute to stress and enjoy the benefits of a low stress lifestyle.

Pet Care - Learn the fundamentals of pet husbandry, welfare and behavioural issues. Gain an understanding of your pet’s needs and the ethical issues surrounding pet ownership.

Trees for Rehabilitation - A comprehensive course exploring environmental systems and the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes. Learn about seed collection, storage and germination, propagation, plant selection, establishment techniques, controlling pest & disease after planting.

funded coursesCourse Upgrade Completed - Counselling Skills I. Over 10,000 words of all new information has been added during August, creating a comprehensive module on the fundamentals of counselling. This course introduces you to the kinds of  problems and issues that a person might face in overcoming stresses and limiting attitudes. It will also develop your ability to support or counsel others through the processes of personal growth and change. Click here for more information.

Use your expertise to generate income. Knowing your subject is often 90% of what you need to be a successful consultant; but that’s where many people stall. We’ve updated and expanded our Professional Practice for Consultants course in August with the aim of bridging that last 10% gap between your bank of knowledge and your ability to turn it into cash. With our well structured training program and guidance from experts who have been successful consultants you can develop an understanding of how to make a living from your professional skills. Click here to find out more.

Can you Edit? Producing an article, newsletter, web site or book is only half what a writer needs to get their work published. Very few people can immediately write a lucid and well-expressed piece of work. In most cases, the final draft is smoothed and polished so that others can readily understand the writer’s message. Our Editing I course can give you the skills you need to fine-tune written work and raise it to a professional, publishable standard. Click here for course information.

New ACS Staff

ACS is pleased to announce five new staff members:

Heather Brooking B.A., M.A.     Former Campaigns manager for World Society for Protection of Animals, former newspaper journalist in both Australia and the UK.

Karin Sandyford B.Sc. Dip.Ed.   Former Technical Writer, Business director (self employed, secondary school teacher).

Amy Lam B.Bus., B.A.   Former marketing officer with GEOS

Daniel Cole Ass.Dip.Hort., B.Hort.Sc.(Hons)   Nine years experience in Nursery and Landscape industries, in both Australia and the UK,  Garden writer for Coast magazine.

Tracey Winning B.Bus (Accountancy),  C.Mortgage Brokering, A.Dip.Arts
15 years experience in accountancy, finance and marketing.



Industry News


IARCAgriculture & Horticulture: Future Skills Shortages. Rural industries such as agriculture and horticulture are facing a potential skills shortage crisis. Industry experts say they have serious concerns about the impact of the drought-related depression on the long term future of agrarian industries. One major problem is the reduction in course placements being offered in the field and the exodus of people leaving these industries. But demand for food is rising, not falling, as populations increase, and if Carbon trading schemes are introduced, we will need to grow more trees than ever. When the drought ends or when we adjust to growing drought tolerant plants, it is likely that there will be a shortage of skilled people working in agriculture and horticulture. Signs of that shortage are appearing even now. So now could be an excellent time to begin studying agriculture or horticulture to take advantage of the future demand for skilled professionals in these areas. Click here for information about Agriculture and Horticulture courses.


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