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Learning- PDF Ebook


Studying a course can be a great way of learning; but if you remain unchanged in your abilities and forget most of what you studied a year later; the whole experience may well have been wasted. For many people,studying is difficult, not enjoyable and relatively unproductive.

The Learning ebook will provide you with insights into learning and the different ways in which people will learn. Aimed at people who are currently studying, parents or teachers who want to support the learning of others, this ebook is 61 pages and is a must read.

Increasing globalisation, technology and socio-economic changes are rapidly changing the face of education.

The traditional "chalk and talk" way of learning is giving way to a wide variety of learning styles and modes. Education providers must have a highly adaptable, flexible approach to training if they are to cater for their students needs.

ACS is leading the way in providing training that is relevant to the 21st Century, while providing the high level of service that is being increasingly demanded by students.



We strongly believe in a pragmatic approach to education in tune with the rapid rate of change, where compromises will be inevitable. Issues of concern are:

  • Credibility of a college has traditionally been determined by accreditation; but accreditation requires a time consuming process of planning, audits and reviews; and to follow such practices inevitably results in a course being less up to date than what might be desired
  • Ongoing viability of institutions is being challenged, with increasing competition (even aggression) between institutions who view education more as a money making opportunity than an ethical obligation toward future generations.Knowledge based education is increasingly questionable when the rapid rate of change is making current knowledge out of date faster than it can even be published.
  • The relative importance of social, political, environmental and economic concerns is constantly changing; and these changes are causing a shift in priorities for education.
  • New tools for education are constantly emerging. The greatest difficulties for educators is not whether they can be used, but choosing which ones to use and then implementing their use in an appropriate way that will be received and applied by the students.

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