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  • Sell eBooks published by ACS Distance Education
  • Unlimited Territory
  • Low start up cost
  • Sell titles as downloads, or as CD’s or on USB sticks
  • Over 80 titles
  • An automated online shop can be built using customised and manageable software created by our programmers. For an approved partner, we can build your own branded online bookshop in less than a day, and you can manage content (e.g. book descriptions, blog, news panel), without the need for any in house IT support.
  • As long as 50% or more of what you sell are our e books; we are happy for you to use our software to sell additional ebooks from other courses as well.


ACS Distance Education - Our Experience:

Staff at ACS have been writing books, magazines and courses since 1979.

The principal & owner of ACS is a well known author, with over 40 books published by publishers including Simon & Schuster/Kangaroo Press, Harper Collins, Hyland House, Leisure Press and Landlinks Press.

Our team of writers includes published authors from across a range of disciplines including Adriana Fraser, Rosemary Davies, Tracey Jones, Gavin Cole and others.


Our E book Publications

ACS publish non-fiction eBooks across a range of disciplines including:

Gardening, Landscaping, Horticulture, Farming, Self Sufficiency, Animals, Business and Management, Writing, Health, Fitness, Human Nutrition, Environmental Sciences, Psychology and Counselling.

The current range of titles can be seen at

The publishing schedule aims to produce between 12 and 15 new titles a year.

The first eBook was published in early 2011; a third edition of John Mason’s best selling book “Commercial Hydroponics”. This book was printed ten times between 1990 and 2005.

A range of other titles with a history of selling well as printed titles are systematically being revised and republished as eBooks.


What it Costs?

  • No buy-in cost for suitable applicants
  • 40% of rrp reported on and paid for quarterly


Who Can Sell these Books?

Our intention is to develop a network of independent booksellers rather than selling through dominant retailers such as iTunes or Amazon. This will enable our distributors to differentiate themselves to some degree from those large booksellers.

Our distributors may include:

  • School and College bookshops (both ACS Distance Education affiliates, and others)
  • Established bookshops that have a desire to expand into distributing e books
  • Individuals with expertise and established networking within their industry, who seek to develop an online bookshop as an adjunct to their other professional activity (e.g. consultants, business coaches, media professional etc.)
  • Other businesses that have a desire to expand into distributing e books (e.g. established mail order or online businesses).

We are interested in discussing the establishment of a bookshop with anyone who is interested and who can demonstrate a capacity to succeed in this area of business.

See the range of e books and a typical online bookshop at




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