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How to Enrol

Enrolments are processed during business hours, Monday to Friday. Once your enrolment has been received you will receive your enrolment confirmation email which contains your login details within one working day. 

Option 1: Enrol Online

1. Browse through our courses and find the course that best suits your interests.
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2. On the course details page, select your payment plan.

3. Select your Learning Method.

4. Click the green "Enrol Now" button to add the course to your Shopping Cart.

5. The next screen shows an overview of your selection. Now click "Proceed", then enter your enrolment details.

6. Enter your details, then click on the blue ‘Proceed to Payment’ button.

7. Pay online with your Visa, Mastercard or Amex card using our secure payment gateway. Or Pay by Bank Transfer, you will be provided with banking details when you select the Pay Without Credit Card option.

Alternatively, you are welcome to enrol with our friendly student support team. Either call us on 1384 442752 or email:

Option 2: Enrol Offline 

1. Find which course you want to study, either by browsing our courses online or by ordering a free handbook.

2. Consult the Fee Schedule to find the prices for your course and decide on a payment plan.

3. Print and fill out the Enrolment Form (a copy of this form is also sent with the handbook if you order one).

4. Send the completed enrolment form to us at:

    ACS Distance Education
    PO Box 4171
    United Kingdom

5. Payment options

  • Credit card - complete your credit/debit card details on the enrolment form
  • Bank transfer - scan or print your deposit confirmation and send it in with your enrolment form.

BANK ADDRESS: Old Street Yard, London, EC1Y 8AF
SORT CODE: 040301
IBAN: GB87LHVB04030100821256
Your bank may charge a fee for performing this transfer, please ensure that this is not deducted from the deposit amount.

Once deposited please forward a payment verification (a copy of the deposit slip if possible). As soon as the funds have cleared in our account, processing of your enrolment will continue.

6. Once your enrolment has been finalised, your login details will be e-mailed to you within one business day, and you can commence your studies when you are ready.


Enrolments by a Third Party

(e.g. Employer, Sponsor, Employment Service, etc.)

For third party enrolments please use the ‘Request Invoice’ feature on our website. An invoice will be provided for the course fees. Once payment has received, the nominated student will be provided with their course materials through our online student portal.


Understanding Payment Plans

100-hour courses
These can be paid either in one or two instalments. If paying in 2 parts, the first part is paid on enrolment, and the second part two months later. You are sent an invoice for the second part when you enrol.


Certificates (duration approximately 600 - 700 hrs)
Certificates can be paid either in full, in 2 or 4 instalments. If you select the 2-part payment option, the first half of the course is supplied when you enrol. Once you have completed the first half of the course, the second part payment needs to be made and the remainder of the course is supplied.

For the 4-part payment option, the first half of the course is supplied on enrolment and receipt of the initial payment. You are then sent an invoice for the second instalment, which is due 60 days after enrolment. When you are ready to commence the second half of the course, the third instalment needs to be paid. An invoice is issued for the final payment which is due 60 days later.


Higher Qualifications
Payment plans follow similar principles to the certificates, where you are in essence only paying for the part of the course you are currently studying. Payments for subsequent parts are incurred when you choose to start those parts.

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