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Unique Services

ACS offers a range of UNIQUE services often not found in other colleges and universities:

Personal Contact

  • Real people to talk to five days a week.
  • Experts - access internationally renowned experts.
  • Networking with other students.

Added Support

  • Online Library with articles and streamed video (Exclusive access to students).
  • Student Room.
  • Monthly e-mail newsletters.
  • Bookshop - 10% student discount.
  • Careers Advice.
  • Student Directory (Leave messages, read messages, contact other students).


  • We own 100% of the intellectual property in our course materials; so there is no risk of supply being disrupted due to reasons beyond the control of the college.
  • We also create, publish and supply supplementary reading, as required for most courses, so the risk of being prescribed a text book which is difficult to get does not exist here, as it can in some other colleges and universities.
  • We have created all of the essential software used in managing and delivering courses and services to students, from assignment tracking and video streaming, to online delivery and USB Memory Stick burning. We employ exceptional programmers in house and because we own the software, rather than licensing it, we are able to adjust the back end programming whenever and wherever necessary, in order to optimise our service to students.
  • Reliability of service is ensured to students because we own and control everything needed for you to do a course; and we don't rely on intellectual property developers who are outside of our business.

Courses are different to other colleges

  • Experiential learning.
  • Problem Based Learning Projects.
  • Revised continuously.
  • Internationally focused/relevant.


  • Exceptional tutors (including internationally renowned academics and industry leaders).
  • Established since 1979.
  • International recognition through IARC.
  • International network of affiliates.
  • Long term member of many professional bodies, particularly in the UK and Australia.

Less bureaucracy - more service - our students come first!




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