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  • Over 120 horticulture courses –all levels and subjects
  • Specialist courses not offered anywhere else
  • Exceptional Academic Staff (Leading academics from 3 different countries)
  • Member Institute of Horticulture Careers Advisory Board
  • Certificates and Diplomas

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Distance Learning Crop Production Courses for farmers and horticulturists, including field crops, vegetables, fruit, nuts, berries, viticulture, mushrooms and more.
Distance education for gardeners and horticulturists - short courses, CPD, certificates, diplomas - for turf, nursery, garden, landscape, parks and arboriculture industries.
Herbs Distance Learning Courses. Short courses & certificates; including herb culture, lavender, scented plants, medicinal plants, aromatherapy and culinary herbs.
Online Gardening Courses. Distance Learning - including courses in landscaping, herbs, tropical plants, fruit and vegetable growing, expert gardening, propagation and hydroponics.
Hydroponics Courses by Distance Education. Large variety including NFT, aggregate culture, aquaponics, hobby and commercial hydroponics, crops management: short courses, CPD, certificates.
Garden Design, Landscape planning and construction: Distance Education. Short courses to diplomas cover formal and informal garden design, construction skills, and more.
Learn Self Sufficiency, Permaculture, Organic Growing, Sustainable Living; growing food plants; raising livestock; harvest, preserving foods, designing sustainable systems, etc.
Distance Education. Study a specialist group of plants in depth - over 20 options incl. roses, succulents, bonsai, indoor plants, tropicals, ferns, proteas, azaleas, conifers, perennials, etc