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Student Testimonials


"As I was completely new to life coaching, this was a brilliant course to introduce and develop life coaching skills in readiness for working as a life coach.

The [course met my expectations] and more - great support throughout.

Yes [the course was well structured] - good use of online interaction, independent research and written assessments combined with great feedback from my tutor.

[From my tutor, I received] very good feedback - supportive - positive comments as well as useful suggestions. Very professional attitude and at the same time I felt I was treated as an individual through personal help and encouragement - thanks Tracey Jones!

As a teacher, I am already able to implement some of the skills I have gained from the course, for the benefit of pupils."
Karen - Life Coaching Course

“Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]! To make me see that I already know a lot but also to  learn different things about related  knowledge with Horticulture-Ecology. It  opened my eyes on a new and very positive, inspiring subject!

[The course was] inspirational, motivational and to add to my knowledge in general Horticulture so can add this to my CV for potential jobs and also improve work for my self-employment as a professional gardener/consultant."
Yoke, Permaculture Systems Course

An Aquarium Management student who recently finished the course said
"Kara Wight was a great tutor she gave me very helpful feedback on my answers and also included some extra resources that were really helpful in understanding and learning more on the topic. ...."
Kara Wright has been a tutor with ACS for several years.

"I'm very satisfied with the Life Coaching Course in your school and new knowledge I've gained. All the best to you all!"
Sneza - Life Coaching Course, view our Life Coaching Courses

"I initially wanted to do the course because I really enjoy bird watching and I wanted to learn more about birds than just how to identify them. Also, I was set to start university in September, and as I was no longer studying biology, I wanted to take the opportunity to so do some final studying in that area.

This course has been brilliant: not only did I learn about the biology and distribution of birds, but I also learned about taxonomy (not nearly as boring as it sounds!), and I now know the behaviours and characteristics of a range of bird species worldwide.

I've enjoyed the course so much that, after much deliberation,  I decided to go on to do further study. After a word with the university admissions tutor I successfully switched degree courses, so I am now set to study Ecology and Conservation.

I owe this course so much, not just for teaching me about birds, but also for making me realise how enjoyable it is to study them .
Mari Jones - Ornithology Course

"This is the first correspondence course I have done and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I appreciate everyone's effort in such a professionally-run organisation with seamless administration. The office staff's happy can-do attitude, their fast responses to all queries, my tutors quick turnaround in assignment marking and his supportive and motivational feedback and last but not least, the sound subject guides. Most importantly I hope my thanks and appreciation can be communicated to all the staff who have supported me long the way of my learning! I work full time and study on the weekend but really don't stop thinking about what gardening solution I need in order to answer my assignments every day of the week. Thank you for such a great learning experience and I cant wait to start the second half of my course!!"
Skye - Tropical Plants Course

"I was very satisfied with the service I received from ACS when I did my Bookkeeping Course. I emailed my assignments using my login at the ACS site and received them back, marked within a week. The comments of the tutor were comprehensive and helpful. The administrative staff also were very quick to reply to any of my emailed questions." 
Barbara Kale - Bookkeeping Foundations Course

"The online courses are very easy to use and follow. Prompt friendly replies from tutor to any queries. Course structure flows freely. Very satisfied with course and results." 
Diana - Introduction to Psychology; Psychology And Counselling

"I have never found the staff at any other learning institution as supportive as the staff at ACS. This gives one a lot of peace of mind and confidence to go on - at every squeak from my side, you guys have always been there, immediately to sort me out. The feedback on my lessons has always been really good and meaningful and an important source of my learning. Thanks!"
ACS Student

"I thoroughly enjoyed my course and found it to be most comprehensive and thorough, encompassing all aspects of animal care both domestic and in the farming environments. 
The course was clearly defined and simple to follow. Tutor's comments most helpful and understanding & constructive. Return of assignments within a short time assured continuance of interest.
pI would recommend a course with A.C.S. to anyone considering undertaking one."
Jo - Animal Health Care Course

"I found the course to be extremely helpful. It has given me the confidence and skills to present my work to publishers."
Dilys (View our Writing Courses Here)

"I commenced the Creative Writing Course with the ACS having had no prior experience in this field whatsoever. Having always been in accounting or payroll jobs, I decided to give the course a go.

The course demonstrated to me what I enjoyed writing about, the types of writing I was good at, and not so good at. It broadened my horizon to show me what was out there to write about. It gave me knowledge and confidence.

I have continued to write, and in the future want to commence with the next course, but in the meantime, I have submitted various articles of mine to some magazines and have had nothing but positive feedback from all the editors and some of my work is to be published!! Which I personally feel is fantastic as I have only been doing this for a year or so.

Thank you for opening up a whole new world of creativity to me which I can only enhance upon!"
Jo - Creative Writing Course

"The Medicinal Herbs course has been an invaluable experience and reference towards doing Naturopathy at University. The tutors are very approachable and informed, the course structure is very well laid out and the enclosed texts and information will be a very useful reference in years to come. Without going to University these courses, in particular Medicinal Herbs, are some of the only other quality information that one can receive at a very reasonable price and a very flexible study structure."
Matthew - Medicinal Herbs Course

"The Freelance Writing course has been one of my most favourite due to the ease and flexibility of correspondence. I have found the staff always helpful and friendly. I appreciated that there were no deadlines and I could complete the work involved when I had time."
Janine - Freelance Writing Course

"I have been involved in sport all my life and now have an in-depth look behind the scenes so to speak."
Judy - Fitness Leader Certificate

"During my course of study with A.C.S. I found the staff to be very helpful in every way. They were always prepared to listen and to give me valuable feedback. I found the resources to be very good and once again the staff always there to assist with the appropriate knowledge and guidance needed to help me resource the data for my subjects. Congratulations A.C.S. on being a people friendly college. I commend you on your friendly staff and it is always so nice to find such obliging and friendly office staff on the phone whenever I have a query."

"Mr Douglas is a fantastic tutor, I have learnt so much from him. He gave comments that aided in understanding and was always positive and encouraging ... makes me feel not so distant. His tutoring made me strive harder."

"Thanks for the videos, they are great! I got a lot of information from them. The Turf Management video is practical and easy to understand. Plant Propagation is a video every student should watch because out here in the real world no-one would give out such information. The Rose Growing Tape was very beneficial to me as I have about 60 odd roses. I thought I knew a little about them but this tape is a real eye-opener."
Kelvin - View our horticulture courses here for more information.

"I really appreciate Gavin's (tutor) comments and look forward to receiving the feedback from him." 

"Having completed the Advanced Hydroponics Course, I have since gone on to open my own successful hydroponics retail shop, now in it's third year of trading."
Ted - View our Hydroponics Courses here for more information.

"Thanks for the tips you gave me on the journalist job ... I was given the job of writing an article ... the experience was great and at least I will be published for the first time."
Gavin - View our Writing And Journalism Courses here for more information.

"My time with ACS has been extremely beneficial... and I would recommend the school to anyone seeking to study by Distance Education."
Victor - Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Horses)

"I compliment you on the quality of the course. It has helped me immensely, already, in my job with the local council's parks and gardens department."
Lester - Certificate in Horticulture (Landscaping)

"... it is very informative and worthwhile. I am glad I started the course. Of the many available from different schools, this offers the best value for money."
Sonia - Human Biology Course

"This course was one of the best!" 
Rhonda - Garden Centre Management Course

"Clients ... that have completed courses with ACS that we have spoken to, have all been extremely happy. Leanne and myself are more than happy with the assistance we received and the prompt attention."
Dynamic Workforce Solutions

"I wanted to study herbs but I could not find a course at my closest TAFE, and travelling to Adelaide each day was not practical. ACS offered the best option - study at home, at my own pace and still tutor contact when I needed it. I was undecided in the facet of herbs that I wanted to specialise in - that was until I completed an assignment to produce three herbal products. My tutor tested my products and encouraged me to set up a small business making and distributing a range of natural herbal cosmetic and household products. His guidance has helped me establish an interesting and profitable business from my studies."
Catherine - Certificate in Applied Management (Herbs)

"I have really improved my knowledge in this field. It has also given me the confidence to start my own small business in private Careers Counselling."
Charles - Careers Counselling Course

"I have done several counselling courses in the past and the coaching course fitted in well with the learning experiences I had encountered previously. The reading material was detailed and interesting and the feedback was detailed and constructive."
Sarah - Life Coaching Course

"[The course] provides a thorough introduction to the practices of Life Coaching. It provides very good learning materials and practical assignments at end of each lesson. The comments from my tutor are always very encouraging and positive. The services from school administrative staff are excellent [and] the course is recognised by Association of Coaching, UK."
Mai Ming Au, MA MSc MBA, Singapore - Life Coaching Course

"The information given was excellent, but the assignments also made you look further to find answers yourself and I find this a much better way of learning than just being handed all the answers. It has given me a grounding knowledge in human biology which is perfect as I am applying to study Chiropractics at university next year. I couldn’t have asked for more from my tutor. She was very thorough and extremely helpful with any problems I encountered."
Kate - Anatomy Course

"I love the course and the course material even though a bit of it seems to be a lot more in depth than I anticipated. I love it just the same as I'm learning lots. I just wish I had more time to do a lot more."
Kim Stinton - Wildlife Management Course

"Having not finished high school myself and never studied biochemistry my confidence is a little low, but the encouragement I am receiving from Honor [tutor] is a tremendous help and making it easier for me as I go. [The course] is helping me realize what I am actually capable of and that I am smarter than I thought. Thank you for making it possible for me to study my passion while still being able to work."
Melissa Smith - Biochemistry 1 (Plants) Course

"I definitely learned a lot from [the course) but it was also beneficial in affirming [and raising my confidence] in what I already knew."
Katrina Merrifield, Masters Conservation Science, NZ - Trees for Rehabilitation Course

"In my role within a large Aged Care Facility a great deal of my employment is spent in the area of Turf management and garden care/refurbishment. With ACS I was able to study at my own pace allowing me to put into practise and thoroughly research the subject matter broadening my knowledge and study experience further. I enjoyed the way in which the subject matter was presented as it allowed you to study each subject further, allowing for greater depth, clarity and knowledge. Overall there are not many areas in which the course subject matter will not turn out to be invaluable, everything is covered to allow you to become successful within your own business or place of employment. A big thank you to Gavin Cole [tutor] and all at ACS. It was a pleasure to study with ACS, look forward to further study."
Craig Ledbury - Turf Renovation And Repair Course

"I have found the course to be interesting and challenging, with great learning materials that really make you research the industry and get involved. It has been a great way to study because it has allowed me to work in the industry and study at the same time. I have found the online resources to be fantastic, the tutors feedback constructive and the fact that assignments can be submitted online makes the process so easy."
Tom Wood - Diploma in Horticultural Science

"[The course] was more in-depth than I thought it would be and it was information that I could apply with my own horses. The feedback was very helpful and it was information that could only have been gained from experience with horses. She [tutor] would always answer any questions that I have and always had something positive and helpful to say!"
Paula Grima - Equine Behaviour Course

"I have found the course material to be comprehensive and informative and have learnt a lot and really enjoyed my year of study. The office staff at ACS have always been helpful and efficient and quick to respond to requests or queries. My tutor, Adriana, was encouraging and supportive, as well as being really thorough in the way she marked my assignments. I had not studied for 20 years before I started my RHS Certificate 2 in Horticulture and the feedback and reassurance I received from my tutor made all the difference."
Katherine Parry - Horticulture Course

"The course was a valuable learning experience because it challenged my thinking regarding the application of supervision and how to apply supervision to different professions. The course exceeded my expectations, in particular because it explored other aspects of supervision such as burn-out, professionalism, ethics and legal concerns. The course has a very comprehensive approach to supervision, which makes for a more rounded supervisor."
Allan M Eno MSc, BSc (Hons) Degree, Clinical Supervisor/Manager, Harley St, London/UK - Professional Supervision Course

"I have found the course to be a great deal of help with trying to get into the animal industry. I have also found my tutors comments of great help. Would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the animal industry or for anyone wanting to learn more about our furry friends."
Dyane Haubus - Animal Health Care Course

"This course has been extremely valuable to me as throughout those 5 months my friends all seemed to go through some crisis or other. I have learned so much that I could put into practice and from the responses I have had, it's been very positive. Tutor feedback was fantastic. All individual answers were given a comment which helped me understand if I missed something."
Brenda Harvey - Counselling Skills I Course

"I think the information is good - it will enhance my practise as a case manager working with elderly ethnic people. Gavin Cole is an excellent tutor - his comments are very helpful and he is very quick at getting my assignments back."
Lisa Macnaughton - Crisis Counselling Course

"This course was a valuable learning experience.  My workplace is slowly changing to a 'greener' approach to managing every aspect of their parks, flowerbeds & trees.  I'm trying to learn and find new ways to go 'greener' in the landscape as are many other individuals working in municipalities in Ontario.  This course provided me with a basic foundation to start and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Permaculture course.  Feedback was very specific and easy to follow."
Bernice Radtke, Canada - Permaculture I Course

"The course has been fabulous because it really made me think beyond my own planting ideas. I have particularly enjoyed the research into noted garden writers and considering the legal aspects of conservation for the future."
Melanie Veasey - Garden History Course

"[The course} is teaching me a lot about propagation that I did not know.  Your courses are very good, easy to understand, full of lots of valuable information.  My tutor is very good, fair and always there if needed."
Pauline Ross - Cutting Propagation Course

"[The course] gave me extra knowledge of the industry that I am currently working in. It covered all aspects of the industry. I liked the way you had to work through each lesson/category I received excellent feedback from my tutor. I enjoyed the viticulture course, it has given me extra knowledge that I will use."
James McKelvey, Vineyard Manager - Viticulture Course

"I found it to be an excellent course in basic Film Photography. The section on exposure was very clear. I appreciate the diagrams and clear concise directions in developing and enlarging film. The staff were very kind and my tutor was very encouraging and always gave clear feedback. I was very happy with the flexibility of the course. I moved to a different country and was able to continue with the course."
Emma Day, USA, Introduction to Photography Course

"The notes and study tools encourage me to conduct research to develop my knowledge of components in my course. It is very worthwhile. [My tutor] gives me good feedback and food for thought with her comments and sometimes elaborates on my answers - really value her input."
Larissa Kalnins - Psychology And Counselling Course

"I am finding the course very valuable it is keeping me focused and the content is excellent. I have a tendency to go off on tangents but the structure of the course keeps me on track."
Bill Anderston - Visual Basic.Net Course

"I think the course is a valuable learning experience as I feel I’m being challenged along the way. Generally, I am impressed with the service I have received from ACS since enrolling. The enrollment process was very quick and all email support has been prompt and helpful. The tutors seem very pleasant and helpful in their remarks, and this keeps me motivated. It is very encouraging when they offer additional information or ask questions of me/my writing."
Sally Vanston, Malaysia - Technical Writing Course

"I am beginning to understand how the brain works, and it is opening up a whole new dimension! Its fantastic."
Yvonne Munshi, South Africa - Biopsychology Course

"Undertaking research reinforces learning, and it makes me learn more than I would on the course notes alone. The tutor’s comments are very useful. He also provides links to interesting materials relative to my course."
Lana Hurley - Pet Care Course

"Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]. It is providing me with new insights and development beyond my former knowledge of this subject. It also provides me with a proper basic knowledge to pursue my dreams in this career path."
Arnold Taen, Netherlands - Diploma in Animal Management
"[The course] gave me an insight into a subject that I have been interested in for a long time. Plus it has helped me in my current job with a local landscape/nursery company. [The structure] was done in a way which was very easy to understand and this helped when you hit a subject which was hard to get a grip with. All feedback from the tutors was very constructive and helpful."
David Painter, UK - Landscaping I Course

"Been working in the livestock (Dairy Cattle) industry for years and thought I knew it all. Calf rearing was one area I had limited knowledge of, and due to a new work role, I needed to know more... QUICKLY!!!

This course allowed me the freedom to work within the industry & learn at the same time. I learnt a lot of new and diverse calf rearing options that have now better prepared me for the 'real world' of calf rearing and my new role within the dairy industry. A great 'grounding' course, even for those who are hands on in raising calves. I have recommended this course to a few calf rearers already! I'd be happy to highly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in raising the next quality batch of calf replacements on their farm."
Tiffany Gordon - Calf Rearing Course

"I am expanding my knowledge and the things I am learning in this course I can use in everyday life as well, for example, when it comes to making food choices, I think back to what I have learned in this course and think about how certain foods can benefit me and my body. I am getting feedback about how I am progressing, both negative and positive points which help me to improve and also gives me confidence in what I am doing and also motivating."
S. Ryan  - Human Nutrition 1 Course

"Great course, tutor was really good with explaining and marking. [She] gave me new ideas for my garden and hints for it too. Learning so many new things about growing different vegetables, how to grow them and what to do. All about soils and garden plots."
Kathryn Crossfield - Home Vegetable Growing Course

"Yes, [I find the course valuable], because it is opening my eyes further to what I am studying and making me look for info and answers on the internet rather than being spoon fed info from the course notes. The feed back from the tutor is great and is very encouraging and the marking time frame very efficient."
Paula Farrell - Workplace Health and Safety Course

"Very much valuable [learning experience]. The course is designed in a manner that learning is not limited. I am gaining lot of knowledge through the course. The assignments are really good as it help the students to think out-of-the box and answer. I am very happy doing this course as I am gaining a lot of insight. Also, professionalism and the support being extended by my tutor and admin team (Elaine and team) is really great and I am thankful to them."
C.V. Lakshmi, India - Industrial Psychology Course

"Absolutely [the course was a valuable learning experience]! Gave me confidence and knowledge to start my own small business and help others with health and weight loss... My tutor was brilliant! She replied to questions promptly and my assignments were always returned quickly with useful critique. She was extremely helpful and supportive and I cannot thank her enough! I am very impressed with ACS from start to finish! I have attended other tertiary institutions before and attended university and have never had such a smooth and positive experience as the one with ACS."
Lisa McDonald - Nutrition For Weight Loss Course

"I am currently studying the Wildlife Management certificate course and am thoroughly enjoying myself!  I have studied online before but have found that ACS provides a much greater level of support than other institutions.  I have also found the courses to be much more in-depth than I thought they would be, and feel that I'm really getting value for money.  I've found the modules I've already completed in environmental assessment, ecology, ornithology and marine studies to be very relevant to my work as a wildlife rehabilitator and the knowledge I've gained has given me a greater understanding of the pressures that our native wildlife faces.  I'm also sure that this course of study has been an influencing factor in getting my dream job - working with endangered big cat species in South Africa."
Francis Bell - Wildlife Management Certificate

"Yes [I found the course valuable]. I have animals, I am a dog training instructor. I am planning to commence a business providing in-home care to a variety of animals. So I wanted to upgrade my knowledge of animal health. I enjoyed the course and feel I have learned a lot."
Beverley Bell - Animal Health Care Course

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Vertebrate Zoology course with ACS. Dr. Browne has been a wonderful tutor and has given clear, concise and constructive feedback on each of the assignments I have submitted. The structure of the course allows you to independently research topics guided by module notes, set tasks and assignment questions. The more you put into this course the more you take away. I love the suggestions of where and how to do the set tasks. Dissecting a grey mullet for Assignment 2 was thus far the best part of the course – while it is only suggested to approach in this manner you should consider making it a requirement of the module. I was able to coordinate with a local fisherman in association with a fish monger - they happily caught and presented me with a beautiful specimen. After dissection it made a great meal for my four legged friends (Nothing wasted and absolutely ethical! :). The hands-on approach enabled me to get a very comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of a fish. The gizzard of the grey mullet was a bonus and had I not dissected - I would not have been able to fully appreciate the complex digestive system of this omnivorous fish. Today I’m off to the Eagles Flying raptor research center to meet with the biologist who runs the center – he’s allowing me to spend the day observing barn owls for my current module. Yet, another brilliant experience thanks to my enrolment at ACS."
Jessica - Vertebrate Zoology Course

"Yes it was [a valuable learning experience]. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and my knowledge regarding aging and in particular healthy aging was practically non-existent. I enjoyed some aspects of the counseling. Yes it did [reach my expectations] and more. The grief and loss, losing a loved one, retirement, debilitating illness and the section on preparing for approaching death [were of particular interest]. It was presented in a very logical, methodical order. I received good feedback from my Tutor. I enjoyed the course and definitely believed I gained a lot from completing the course."
Suzanne Payne, Australia - Aged Care And Counselling Course

"Yes, the course was valuable. As a biologist I am looking to expand my knowledge base into ecological restoration. To date the information in this course relates well as supporting information to the restoration textbooks I am working through. Although I have not presently capitalized on the course materials from a professional standpoint I foresee the knowledge gained from the course being very helpful in the future even if it is in a more subtle way than originally expected. Although much of the material was covered during my undergraduate studies, I was required to do a sufficient amount of research on my end to complete the assignments. Through this process I feel I learned the material better than I did the first time around.  I feel the assignments built upon each other quite well. The necessity of the plant reviews continued to bring in not only the scientific aspects of botany but also the more practical knowledge that can be acquired, making the course that much more enjoyable. My tutor not only provided me with information regarding where I had made errors but she also provided me with insights into how I could improve either my approach to answering the assignments or where I had missed some pertinent information."
Robert T. Magill, MS, Certified Wildlife Biologist, Utah USA - Botany I Course

"[The course] was very useful because it helped me to learn more about Poultry, especially the business side of the industry. I really enjoyed working through the assignments over the last 12 months. They made me think and do lots of research. It has helped me to get into College to study Countryside and Environment Management. I have always been interested in all animals especially poultry and the college tutors were impressed with my knowledge. So I am very pleased I did this course. My mum is now thinking about taking the Goat course, as she breeds Pygmy and Golden Guernsey goats and says she would enjoy learning more about them."
Aaron May, UK - Poultry Course
"I am loving the course! I have learned so much and can't stop reading the material. My tutors give me great feedback.

I believe this has been one of the most rewarding and valuable learning experiences. Not only do I look forward to doing my classes everyday I’m also learning great information for something I am truly passionate about. I believe the layout of each lesson is very helpful and I am surprised how much information I learn from just reading a few pages. I graduated from an online national high school and was so happy when I found this school. I am very satisfied with this type of education. The school has been so helpful and nice! 

I am also very satisfied with the staff at this school. Anytime I have a question they have been right there to help me along the way. The support is great and it makes my learning experiences even better."
Chloe Blum, USA - Aquaponics Course

"I'm getting positive comments with notes on things I missed, so I think that is helpful. I'm learning a lot about zoo keeping and am able to see its value as I go about my volunteer zoo work. I'm loving the course. Thanks for the opportunity."
Jo-Anna Apelt - Zoo Keeping Course

"It did [meet expectations]. It was well compiled, the lessons followed on from each other logically and by completing each lesson in order I was able to better understand the theory of greenkeeping.

The subjects, ideas and theories of all the lessons were well presented and easily read and understood. The set tasks were a good way to prepare for the assignments.

Sometimes I was a bit daunted by some scientific descriptions, but by taking my time re-reading those items and getting a different view via the internet I was able to grasp their meanings and relate them to my job."
Darrell Murdoch - Sports Turf Management Course

"I am currently working on my Diploma in Psychology and Counselling via ACS. I have always wanted to do a course in this field and finally decided to take the plunge about two years ago. I was interested in the subjects ACS offered and liked the idea of being able to study via long distance and at my own pace. I have learnt a lot from this course and have enjoyed it immensely.

I left my job in the Telco industry in 2010 in order to pursue my passion in counselling. I have been doing some volunteer work to complement my studies, and I am loving it! These volunteer roles have enabled me to practice some of what I have learnt from the course and the experience has been invaluable. I am still learning a great deal! Just when I think I understand what counselling is all about, something new comes up and I am put right back into student mode. 

ACS is very flexible in their approach which I have found extremely helpful when it came to some of my assignments. For example, in my Child Psychology module where I didn't always have access to interviewing children, my tutor mentioned that I could do alternative research instead to answer the questions, which is great."
Sharon Alsop, UK - Diploma In Psychology And Counselling

"Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]. It provided useful tools and information and assignments/set tasks provided greater insight into topics. [The course] was better than expected. The tutor was fantastic, gave great feedback and was also very motivating. It has given me the confidence to begin offering Life Coaching services."
Rebecca Cox, UK - Life Coaching Course

"Yes it [the course] was very valuable it will help me more in my volunteer role at our local hospice. I learnt quite a lot about the bereavement side to counselling. I did not really undertake this course to further my career but for my own self development (even at 63 one is never too old to learn plus I think it does me good to widen my knowledge base. I liked the student subject guide/workbook I thought it was well laid out and presented. I found my tutor very helpful in her feedback to my assignments."
Vivian Kerry, UK - Grief Counselling Course

"The diversified information provided within the various lessons of this course was precious as it made me gain knowledge on various diseases and since I'm a volunteer in a public health organisation and since I plan to become a private therapeutic consultant, such information made me further realise the importance of food and nutrition in the treatment of disease.

I always appreciated the comments of my tutor, since her detailed comments and remarks were so personal and always showed me where I did well and why. This encouraged me a lot in order to always do better in every next assignment. Overall, [my tutor's] support and comments were excellent."
Denise Abou Jamra, Lebanon - Therapeutic Nutrition Course

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