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Newsletter - April 2008

Contents of this Newsletter

1. Psychology and Health
2. Course Upgrades
3. New Books
4. Small Businesses - How to succeed
5. Staff news
6. Feedback
7. Most popular courses
8. Office for lease


1. Psychology and Health

Hot off the Press ! copies

Click on the images below to download your free copy or email us now to request for your free hardcopies. Let us know how many copies you need.

2. Course upgrades A+

Notes have recently been revised and expanded in the following courses:
Social Psychology, Sales Management, Business Planning.

3. New books

New books in our - check them out!




The ABC of Nutrition

Literature for Children

Domestic Animal Behaviour

Wildlife Habitat Management

John Brookes Garden Design 

Essential Biochemistry

Upgrading and Repairing Networks 

Getting Rich

Starting a Small Business

4. Small Businesses - How to Succeed

Are you a small business proprietor or planning to become one?
Learn how in 3 easy steps

Like everything else, running a small business has advantages and disadvantages.
Step 1: Be sure you understand risks and prepare for them.
Step 2: Know your own strengths and weaknesses and only attempt what you have a good chance of succeeding at.
Step 3:  Know your resources (money, manpower, etc), and don’t over commit!

For business books, click here
For business courses, click here

Advisory service - click here
Whether you need a book, advice or training, we have experienced professionals who can help. Talk to our staff

5. Staff News

Congratulations Kate Gibson

Kate (currently on leave) has given birth to a healthy baby boy (Ruben)

Farewell to Dr Robert Brown, who has left us to take up an exciting position as Research Officer for the Amphibian Ark in Antwerp

Welcome to new academic officer Nicole Steel <<<<photo of Nicole)
Check out staff profiles and photos at http://www.acs.edu.au/about-us/staff/default.aspx

6. Feedback
Comments received recently from students completing courses:

7. Most popular courses for the last 3 months

Click on a course below to see an outline

Event Management BRE209

Introduction To Psychology BPS101

Animal Behaviour BAG203

Bookkeeping I BBS103

Mushroom Production BHT310

Diploma in Counselling & Psychology VPS007

Horticulture I BHT101

Child Psychology BPS104

Farm Management BAG104

Food & Beverage Management BTR102

International Recognition and Accreditation

The IARC, like CHEA, is governed by the institutions it serves, but differs in its focus. Where CHEA has a national focus, the IARC is focused internationally.

What Does IARC Accreditation Mean?
Accredited courses have been reviewed and judged to meet a set of criteria determined by a body providing accreditation. In the case of the IARC, the criteria used has been set and approved by the member institutions and are endorsed by those institutions as being credible and in line with broadly accepted international academic standards.

Most ACS Courses are accredited by the IARC
ACS courses have been reviewed and judged as meeting the criteria of the IARC, and most are accredited by the council.

Check out our website now

8. Office for lease

Prime position at Robina on the Gold Coast.

HQ Building: Close to rail, skilled stadium, alongside M1 (1 hr to Brisbane), beside Robina Town Centre. You can’t get a better location!  50 sq metres in a 1 year old commercial building.
Enquire with Leonie at our office Phone: (07) 5562 1088

9. Choose a study method to suit yourself


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