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Get Qualified NOW says Industry Expert

Now is the time to do high level Horticulture studies says Horticulture veteran of 40 plus years John Mason. Having recently attended industry events in Australia and internationally, he advises:
“Good top level Horticulturists are increasingly scarce. Most of todays courses are simply not what they once were. If you learn the right things to the right level, the work is there now and will be even greater in the future. I know employers in horticulture who are simply not filling jobs because they cannot get someone good enough for the position. I know good horticulturists who command over $150 per hour in fees, and have more work than they can handle.”
John Mason (FPLA, FIOH, FAIH) is a widely published Author and Principal of ACS Distance Education. Throughout his 40 plus years in the Horticulture industry he has worked as a Consultant, Parks Director, Landscaper and Educator, and is a widely respected authority on Horticulture.

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John Mason

New Affiliated Colleges Offering ACS Courses

• New affiliate Colleges offering ACS Courses:

o Registered Training Australia:
o Short Courses Ireland:


Education Network Growing

• Our International Recognition continues to grow. ACS is now linked formally with a group of 17 colleges in 5 countries; making it one one of the fastest growing education networks in the developed world. Two more colleges have now joined the ACS Global Network:

o Online Courses Australia:
o College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies:

New Affiliates Online Courses Australia (Cheryl and Kath) with ACS Principal John Mason

Coming Soon: Brand New EBook!

GARDEN DESIGN – A major new ebook with 600 colour photos by John Mason. Available next month. Email to lodge a pre launch order (Order before publication and we offer a 20% discount).

Visit our EBookshop to view our other titles. Click here.

New Courses, Expanded Courses!

Two more courses now available online: Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens and Anger Management.

Courses revised with expanded notes: Computer Servicing II, Computer Servicing III, Advanced Freelance Writing, Marine Studies II.

AGRONOMY (Broad acre cropping) This new course is now open for enrolments. Over 50,000 words of new course notes. Click here to find out more!

ZOOKEEPING – This is a new course we are developing right now. Email for details.

PHOTOJOURNALISM – Another new course being developed. Email for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about ACS Distance Education? – Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page:

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