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We are 30 years old, this month!

ACS started life in Melbourne, Australia in 1979, with an advertisement of its one and only course (Hort I) in a gardening magazine - which resulted in 37 enrolments! Read more about our history here

Graduate News!

ACS would like to congratulate the following graduates:

  • Thomas Williamson - Certificate in Aboriculture
  • Brooke Thomas - Associate Diploma in Food & Nutrition
  • Geneva Musau - Certificate in Life Coaching

We wish you all the best for the future!

New Courses in 2009

Ten exciting new courses have been or are being developed this year. Enrolments are open for most right now; and the others will be available soon. Click on courses below for details.

Natural Health care for Animals
Explore natural therapies and how they can be used with animals. Learn how to optimize health naturally and minimize the chance of infection.

Nutrition for Weight Loss
Learn to understand and better manage weight problems - a clients, your own, or your family's - with this outstanding course.

Therapeutic Nutrition
Learn about therapeutic nutrition as treatment for disease or lack of energy. Learn about the provision of nutrients to maintain and/or restore optimal nutrition and health.

Criminal Psychology
Why do people commit crimes? Develop your understanding of how psychology is used in law enforcement and crime prevention.

Family Counselling
Develop a better understanding of family dynamics, and a capacity to analyse and facilitate solutions to problems that emerge in modern families.

Aged Care and Counselling
As a person ages, certain things change in their life - lifestyle, health, their capacity for activities and getting things done, and more. This course helps you to understand the impact of these changes and the ways in which a counselor, carer, or anyone else might interact with and support an older person.

Dramatic Writing
There are many different types of writing - short stories, poems, novels, screenplays and dramatic writing can fall into any of these categories. Learn how to create great pieces of dramatic writing - whatever your genre!

Legal Terminology
Legal terminology is not only used by lawyers, but is also used in a wide range of associated legal professions. This course is valuable for anyone who needs to learn to communicate better using "legal language".

Deciduous Trees
Develop your ability to select and cultivate appropriate varieties of Australian Native Trees for different situations.

Garden History
Study the history of this wonderful part of human civilization! From great gardens and gardeners of the world to the globalization of gardens, this course covers all you need to know.

New Certificates Now Available

Certificate in Creative Writing
If you love writing and want to improve your skills, network with other writers, and get personal guidance from a team of professionals, this course is for you.

Certificate in Tourism
Want to work in Tourism? This course lays the foundation for a long term career in an industry that is rapidly changing, always exciting, and challenging.

Certificate in Legal Practice
Work in legal practice, as a paralegal or other law related position. Only a small proportion of people who work in the huge Legal & Crime industries are actually lawyers. This leaves a lot of scope to build a career in this profession

Associate Diploma in Nutritional Science
Studying Nutritional Science will give you an understanding of nourishment of the body in scientific terms by looking at biochemical processes which occur in all living cells.

Certificate in Animal Health
Train for a career in Animal Health or Welfare.

Web Site News

New Courses Directory on the Careers Guide. Check out this new and easy way to find courses that enhance your career options. Click here

Permaculture Association

ACS is now an organisational member of The Permaculture Association (Britain)

Two New Colleges Affiliated with ACS

Affiliations have been established recently with:

Dynamic Training Centre


Fitness Industry Education

For a full list of affiliated institutions, click here

Work opportunities

Want to be a Tutor or Affiliated College with ACS?
If you have a diploma or degree and relevant work experience, you can click here, download a registration form, and register your interest.

Looking for Volunteers? Looking for Staff?

  1. Organisations, businesses, community groups etc. can fill in and submit a very short form, registering their interest in talking to graduates or students who are seeking work - paid or unpaid; it doesn't matter.
  2. These forms are posted on a directory used by staff from both this school and more than a dozen other schools (our affiliates).
  3. People who are looking for work (temporary or permanent), will be referred on to you if and when any of these colleges find suitable students or graduates. There is no obligation for you to engage anyone.

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