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Course Now Online: Carpentry

Study Carpentry at Home - and Online!

This popular course is now available to be studied online. It provides a very solid introduction to carpentry techniques. It provides an understanding of most aspects of carpentry that are important for developing practical skills as a handyman, landscaper, property manager, farmer or other such

Learn about working with wood in landscaping, building construction, furniture making, fencing or any other application.

This course is not a substitute for the practical instruction one might obtain over a long apprenticeship, internship or other such experience; but it does provide a balanced and broad understanding of wood work; exploring the broad range of applications; and in doing so, complements and enhances the development of your knowledge about carpentry. Click here to find out more, and to enrol.

Intro to Ecology Course Revised and Expanded

Popular course revised and expanded: Introduction to Ecology

Ecology is the cornerstone of the Life Sciences. It provides the link between the different branches of Life Sciences, structuring them as a complete concept of life. Ecology studies the relationships between living beings, be it animal, plants or microorganisms, and with their environment. How we interact, benefit or compete with each other, how we evolve together, how the environment presents opportunities for change, and how living beings alter the environment to provide for their own needs.

We have now revised and expanded this course - click here to read a course outline or to enrol.

NEW Ebook: Weeds

New Ebook! Weeds

Weeds is an ebook written for those wanting to get a solid foundation for identifying weeds, and through an understanding of how and where they grow, making good decisions about how to control them. Good weed control involves a holistic management of the problem; and to achieve this, the book helps you understand both non-chemical and chemical methods of control.

To read a free sample of this ebook, or to download, please click here.

Hot Course of the Week - Dog Psychology and Training

The ACS "Hot Course of the Week" is Dog Psychology and Training.

Nine lessons will take you on an amazing journey to a better understanding of your canine companion, colleague or guide. This wonderful course covers everything from behaviour and development, to disorders, training, problem areas, and more. To read the full course outline, and to enrol, please click here.

Not ready to enrol, but really interested? Why not try one of our ebooks? Or, perhaps you have already enrolled, and want some supporting reading. See our Caring for Dogs ebook! Click here to read a free sample or to purchase.

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