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Is There a Famine Looming?

Mirroring an article ACS Principal John Mason wrote some time ago ("Will Australia Starve?" - click to read), a recent report from the UN paints a grim picture of looming famine if the sustainable production of food, fuel and water is not addressed urgently. To read the report on ABC's "The World Today" site, please click here.

What are you doing for your own family?

There are many options on the path to becoming self-sufficient, and most people agree that they could do more to ensure the ready supply of fresh food to their families. ACS has been offering courses like these for years, and has helped many people become skilled in food production. Producing your own food removes the worries of poisons that may have been used on vegetables bought at the supermarket, and you can be sure they haven't been sitting on the shelf for 2 months; which gives your family maximum nutritional benefits.

Courses that will help you to become more self-sufficient:

Self Sufficiency I (we also offer II)
Home Vegetable Growing
Home Fruit Growing
Home Garden Expert
Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture)
... and much more!

IARC is now on Facebook!

The International Accreditation and Recognition Council has joined the world of Facebook. IARC is a not-for-profit association. The council was founded in 1999 in response to increasing globalisation of world economies and societies, and is currently managed by an elected committee of six education practitioners and industry professionals.

IARC provides opportunities for quality focussed like-minded institutions and educators to network and collaborate, functioning to outline benchmarks for excellence in education.

Like them on Facebook! Click here to see their new Facebook page.

Printed Books and Ebooks

ACS is working hard to extend its exciting and broad range of ebooks. Currently we have 23 completed ebooks, with another 29 being written! From Aerobic Fitness to Tropical Landscaping, we have something for everyone.

As well as our ebooks, we also offer high quality printed books. Ask us about the discount we offer to our current students.

Be sure to check in at our bookshop to see our range of ebooks and printed books. Click here!

Most Popular Courses

Most popular courses last week were:

Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing
Zoo Keeping
Wildlife Conservation
RHS Certificate III - Garden Planning, Construction and Maintenance
Creative Writing
Certificate in Journalism

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