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NEW Video Just Developed

Click here to view Pest & Diseases video clip.

Are you interested in learning how to treat pests and diseases? Almost all courses in General Horticulture include information on treating the pests and diseases covered in this video. Horticulture I in particular is an excellent course covering many topics in horticulture.

NEW Courses Now Available

Aged Care & Counselling Develop your understanding of the ageing process, and your ability to help others cope more effectively with the changes it brings. The course is designed to be useful for counselling and other care professions or anyone involved with elderly people in any other way either formally or informally.

Ageing is the process of growing old. It is a gradual biological impairment of usual functioning. These changes generally require adjustments in both outlook and lifestyle and modification of old habits. Changes include reduced mobility, increased medical interventions, reduced disposable income, change in residence, loss of peers and loved ones.

Criminal Psychology Develop your understanding of criminal psychology and how psychology is used in law enforcement and crime prevention.  Who should study this? · Legal secretaries, office staff, welfare officers, youth workers and any other support service staff who may be working with dysfunctional people.

Nutrition for Weight Loss Learn to manage weight more effectively Weight is affected by a number of things including exercise, nutrition and psychology. This course lays a foundation for understanding weight control; particularly with respect to what a person eats. Study for self improvement or to advance your career.

Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling A firm understanding of good nutrition is one of the best ways to prevent and manage many lifestyle diseases that affect us. Nutritionists and natural health practitioners assist patients, friends and family to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to restore their energy and wellbeing, through good healthy nutrition. 


Deciduous trees Deciduous Trees are widely planted, particularly in temperate and colder areas of the world. They are very important for both amenity horticulture and forestry. This course is a great foundation study for new or experienced horticulturists, landscapers, arborists, nursery workers, gardeners, parks managers; or anyone else concerned with the selection, propagation, care, maintenance or harvesting of deciduous trees.

Natural Health Care for Animals Would you like to work and care for animals in a more natural and holistic way?  Natural Animal Health Care can help you to do this. This course covers holistic therapies such as naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal treatments, tactile therapy and natural nutrition amongst others.


More courses NOW online.

Educational Psychology What is educational psychology? From a literal standpoint, one could argue that the study of learners, learning and teaching, is all subsumed under the heading ‘educational psychology’. For those who wish to adopt the principles of educational psychology in an educational setting, this definition can be expanded to include the knowledge, wisdom and everyday theory that every teacher requires in order to resolve the dilemmas that occur in teaching on a daily basis.

Garden Centre Management Why not run your own Garden Centre? Or be the Manager of your favourite one? This course has been very successful in training both staff and managers of retail nurseries and garden centres. Originally designed in 1986, in conjunction with the State Garden Department Manager of a major retail chain store, and has been revised many times since then to keep up with current standards. It is useful for establishing standards in your garden centre and giving direction for the staff and managers.

NEW in the Book Shop

The Merck Merial Manual for Pet Health Home Edition. A classic: Complete Health Resouce for Dogs, Cats, Horses and other pets. It provides a focus on preventive care, and helps owners maintain their pets’ good health. Guidelines help readers select the right pets and provide a safe, healthy home for them. The diseases and disorders affecting all pets are covered in depth. Special sections address topics such as emergency care and first aid, diagnostic tests, diseases that can pass between pets and people, common drugs and vaccines for pets, and traveling with pets. Authored by over 200 veterinary experts.


Writing the Story of Your Life by Carmen Bird. Writing the Story of Your Life is full of down-to-earth advice, inspirational references and suggestions, and practical exercises. It is an essential reference tool for anyone thinking about writing, or anyone who loves writing. 

What story could be more important than the story of your life?  Whether you are writing for friends and family or for your own pleasure and satisfaction, writing the story of your life could be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. 

Learning Vs Qualifications

"Learning counts far more than qualifications".

Is there a difference?

What’s the difference?

Qualifications imply you have learnt something; but in reality they only mean you passed an exam on the day you sat it.

Learning means that you have changed in some way; and that you can do things better or have a greater permanent knowledge than you did before you embarked on your learning.

What impact does a qualification have?

It sometimes gets you noticed (e.g. by a prospective employer); but when others have similar qualifications, a certificate, diploma or degree simply don’t make you stand out from the crowd at all.

What impact does learning have? Once you get to a job interview - and after you start work in a job - your success is totally dependant upon your learning and capacity to do the job. At this stage of the game, many job applicants fail to get a job, and of those who get a job, many fail to progress in their job.

Secrets of Success Focus on learning, rather than qualifications. By far, most successful careers belong to people who are productive, innovative, creative and knowledgeable. These people always find a niche and succeed.

Try to make yourself unique. Learn a mix of things that are in demand. This will make you different; and by being different, you can offer employers, customers or clients something that your competition cannot.


Student Interview

H. Davidson, Horse Care II

Did the course meet your expectations?

Absolutely yes. I went from negligible knowledge of horses to a new level of basic knowledge. Now, I am truly useful around the stable and farm. I would like to make this my retirement career, following my 30-years as a professional mechanical engineer.

Did you like the way the course was presented?

It made logical and scholastic sense.  I am glad the Feed section was early in the program. As an engineer, it was very detailed and way outside my usual area of expertise. It required, as such, a lot of research on my part. I am thankful the facilities section was last, for I am a facilities designer.

Did you receive good feedback from your Tutor?

The feedback I received from my tutor Anna Sylvester, was EXCELLENT! She was great. I could tell that she:

    1. Had an excellent background in the subject.
  1. 2. Really read every sentence I wrote.

3. I always looked forward to receiving her comments. The permanent copies I saved were those with Anna’s comments.

Did you receive good feedback from administrative staff?

I was always pleasantly surprised by the rapid, timely, and complete service I received from Elaine and the administrative staff.

Has this course helped you further your career?

Yes – at least my post retirement career, helping local stables with their requirements.

Click here to read testimonials from other students.


Tutor Profile

Gavin Cole B.Sc., Psych.Cert., Cert.Garden Design, MACA
Gavin has over 20 years of industry experience in Psychology, Landscaping, Publishing and Education. He was operations manager for a highly reputable British landscape firm (The Chelsea Gardener) before starting up his own firm. He spent the best part of three years working in the Gold Coast office, partly as a writer for Your Backyard (gardening magazine), and partly as a tutor in both psychology and horticulture. He has recently completed his Masters in Psychology.

Click here for a full list of tutors.

Affiliate & Accreditation News

ACS has entered into agreements and established affiliations with recognised colleges in Australia and the UK.

We can now provide you with accredited Fitness Leader qualifications that lead to Fitness Leader registration in both the UK and Australia.




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