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Become a Qualified Gardener!

    Good Gardeners are in Short Supply!

    * The future looks even brighter
    * Qualify in as little as a month with 100 hrs of study
    * Build on your first course for higher qualifications, more skills and opportunity for increased income
    * Free advice on getting work or starting a gardening business

    See Articles on Working in Gardening:

    Use our Free Counselling Service and talk with a professional with over 20 years experience in the gardening industry:

    Suggested Courses:

    If time is limited, start with a 100 hour course to qualify with all the basics needed to start working in gardening: Either RHS Certificate II in Plant Growth, Propagation & Development or Horticulture I (Both are equally as good to kick off a new career!)

    Ideally - if you have the time, you would be best to start with Certificate in Horticulture VHT002 -This is a much longer, but more advanced and indepth course. This is accredited internationally with IARC and in many respects is beyond what someone might learn in a gardening apprenticeship over several years.

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