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New Course: Graphic Design

New Course: Graphic Design
This new course will teach you all about Graphic Design. Build your skills, awareness and understanding of graphic design, and learn how it is applied commercially across a range of disciplines, ranging from marketing to publishing and beyond.

Some of the topics covered in this course include:
- Scope and Nature of Graphic Design
- Design Fundamentals - line, tone, colour, etc.
- Colour Theory and Applications
- Typography
- Illustration - methods & techniques
- Logotype Design
- Layout Design
- Design Systems and the Design Industry - design briefs, how to bid for jobs, etc.
- Comparative Design - lessons from other designers (lots of research)
- Design Project - a practical project applying everything prior to this.

Brush up on your business skills over the summer break with ACS Distance Education

Brush up on your business skills over the summer break with ACS Distance Education

Make the most of the summer break and brush up on your business skills with some of our short courses:
Financial Management- This is a course about how to accumulate, borrow, spend, invest and save money.
Project Management- Learn how to plan, manage and evaluate projects
Internet Marketing- Study internet marketing online including social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, selling techniques.
Leadership- Leadership skills allow a person to effectively communicate with and influence people within their sphere of influence.
Instructional Skills- Learn how to train people effectively.

Student Feedback- Zoo Keeping Course

Student Feedback- Zoo Keeping Course
See some recent feedback that we recently received from one of our satisfied students:

"Hi ACS,
I did the Zoo keeping subject this year and really loved it.  I volunteer at a local zoo, and the keepers and zoo curator were very supportive and helpful with my studies.
But here is the awesome part for you (and me). I just had the zoo curator ring up asking for the details for the course, to recommend it to another volunteer.  She told me it was a really great course and thinks it is a fantastic starting point for further animal studies.  And to make this praise even more impressive, she has a Doctorate in Animal Biology.  Very high, and deserved praise indeed.
I will admit, I have never done as well in any study (and I have a Bachelor in Accounting, so I have studied at many levels) as  I have in this course.  I guess it’s true, if you love what you are studying and doing, you will do so much better at it.
Jo-Anna Apelt"

If you want to study zoo keeping, visit our course online.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

Towergate Insurance welcomes Professional Liability insurance applications from ACS graduates across all disciplines. Click here for more details.
If you already have insurance cover, feel free to request a quote to make sure you're getting the best price.

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